BMW Creates Technology For The Future


BMW continually strives to produce the most technologically advanced products for their drivers to seamlessly connect life at work and home to life on the road. To do this, BMW Connected acts as a user-friendly platform allowing drivers to digitally control and monitor their car’s performance, maintenance needs, and infotainment.

The key to success for BMW Connected lies in the portable, digital customer profile—the BMW ID—which allows drivers to receive a highly customized experience. Of the BMW ID, the company explains, “This profile will hold the key to linking a connected vehicle with the customer’s digital world. It comprises a comprehensive, vehicle-independent profile that the user carries with them at all times on their device, allowing them to transfer it to any BMW. It contains all essential information, such as personalized vehicle settings, for example, the customer’s favored office and entertainment services, and mobility patterns. These then automatically become available in the next vehicle the driver uses, providing a highly personalized mobility experience. The profile, and therefore the platform, keep learning with every use and can thus become more and more attuned to the customer, their preferences and their requirements.” The BMW ID technology is available in 28 countries and syncs with the BMW Connected app for Android and iPhone.

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