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Expect Greatness: Here are Five New Luxury Cars Worth the Wait.

The reviews are in.

And according to major automotive media there are a number of luxury cars coming on the market currently or in the near future that are so good they are worth waiting for.

They each have something special that sets them apart from previous generations of cars, something that makes them worth the wait.

BMW X series Launch

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So, we thought we’d take a closer look at these future luxury models to see what the fuss is about.

2024 Aston Martin Vanquish

Aston Martin exterior

According to Car & Driver the next Vanquish from Aston Martin is a mid-engine supercar that will “define dream machines of the moment.” Starting at $300,000 the Vanquish should arrive in 2023.And Aston Martin is already the stuff of dreams – just ask James Bond. The British company is known for building luxurious high-performing sports cars with engines in the front. But now a mid-engine future is coming right up. And that future is included in the new Vanquish. Many believe the 2024 Vanquish will share its basic layout with the same generation of Valhalla and Valkyrie supercars. But it won’t cost millions of dollars and it won’t be limited in production numbers. That’s exciting news! The Vanquish will feature a new hybrid V-8 powertrain. And that new engine will now be located behind the driver. Aston Martin says it plans to introduce three mid-engine models, which include the next generation of the Vanquish.  Moreover, writers at Autocar confirm that the Vanquish will eschew the originally planned in-house V6 in favor of AMG power. Specifically, it’ll switch to Affalterbach’s twin-turbo V8 installed in the larger high-performance German models. And Car & Driver predicts the Vanquish could have a roofless version. We’ll just have to wait and see!

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2024 BMW i8

BMW I8 starting

Did you know that BMW is working on a follow-up to the plug-in-hybrid i8 halo car? What you can expect: A big increase in power, a longer all-electric driving range, new styling and details. Plus a new chassis. According to Car & Driver, “The i8 M—or whatever BMW decides to call its next-generation hybrid sports car—will be all-new for the 2024 model year. We expect to find out more as we get closer to the car’s on-sale date, which is predicted to be sometime in 2023 as a 2024 model.” It’s estimated to carry and MSRP of about  $160,000 and C&D expects the “i8 M” to be offered in both a fixed-roof coupe body style as well as a ragtop roadster, similar to the current model’s lineup. Hot Cars adds: The BMW i8 M will be available as a coupe and a roadster, (which means) both front passengers will find the cabin quite comfortable.

Want to know more? Contact our BMW dealership.

2023 BMW XM

BMW power motor

It’s fast and furious and pretty wild looking. In fact, it will sit above the X7 in the German automaker’s SUV lineup. And it will be offered only in the M model, according to media reports. The XM is expected to have a plug-in-hybrid powertrain with an impressive 750 horsepower. Starting at $125,000, the 2023 BMW XM will be all about performance. It’s a two-row crossover with what Car & Driver calls “sporting intentions and tuning by the brand’s vaunted M division.” It boasts and aggressive design that is sure to turn heads, including large kidney-shaped grille openings and stacked tailpipes. It’s powered by a 644-hp plug-in hybrid powertrain with a twin-turbocharged V-8. You can enjoy about 30 miles of electric-only driving with a fully charged battery. Expect power. Expect performance.

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2023 Ferrari Purosangue

Ferrari Purosangue

This is the Ferrari SUV everyone’s been talking about. For years. (First, they said it would never happen. And now it has). Purosangue is Italian for “thoroughbred.” Starting at $350,000 it will give you Ferrari power, performance and luxury with everything you’d expect of an SUV. Plenty of seating. Plenty of cargo space. Plenty of off-roading capability. “We never thought we’d see the day where a Ferrari SUV became a reality, but in the wake of successful high-dollar, high-performance sport-utes, the stage is set for the 2023 Ferrari Purosangue,” Car & Driver reported. “This news comes despite the company’s past messaging that an SUV has no place in the lineup. Expect to pay $350,000 for this incredible SUV. The Purosangue is expected to have either turbocharged V-8 or an even more powerful V-12 engine like that found in other Ferrari supercars. “All-wheel drive is a given, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see electrification in the form of a hybrid system either; Ferrari had a 950-hp, V-12 hybrid powertrain in its LaFerrari hypercar back in 2014.”

Want to get your hands on the Ferrari Purosangue? Contact our Ferrari dealerships.

2023 Land Rover Defender

Land Rover Defender Exterior

The newest (and more compact) so-called “Defender 80” could be a more affordable version of this great Land Rover. British media has named it the 80 in light of the fact that Land Rover calls the two- and four-door Defenders the 90 and the 110, respectively. However, Land Rover has not confirmed that name. It will be smaller than the others, more affordable and of course very rugged. Expect it to start at $30,000.

Want to be first in line for the Land Rover Defender? Contact our Land Rover dealerships.

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