Porsche Donates A Panamera As A Training Tool For Firefighters

Training is the most important stage of a firefighter’s education and recruitment. Because of this, Porsche wanted to provide a real car for the trainees to use for practice, so they donated a Porsche Panamera to the emergency services of Nuremberg.

The latest training session was focused on the technical procedure for rescuing people from new vehicles. This involves freeing people from an automobile wreckage using tools like large shears and spreaders. “This makes it easier for the rescue team to help people quickly and safely at the scene”, says Alexander Grenz, from the department and Technical Service of Nuremberg. The generous donation gives firefighters the knowledge of working with some of the world’s most advanced vehicles. Porsche’s commitment to community outreach is unparalleled!


Curious to learn more about the Porsche Panamera? We welcome you to stop by  indiGO Auto Group’s Porsche of Rancho Mirage on the Desert European Motorcars Campus, Porsche St. Louis, or Porsche of North Houston. 

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