70 Years of Porsche Excellence


Seven decades ago, in 1948, Ferry Porsche released his first sports car—the 356 “No. 1” Roadster—marking the beginning of a brand that would quickly become known for its unmatched engineering, design, and craftsmanship.


Of this anniversary year, Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche AG Oliver Blume said, “Tradition is a commitment. Without our tradition and without our core values, we would not be where we are today,” explained Blume. “We plan to uphold the standard of technical excellence set by Ferry Porsche well into the future. Intelligent dynamic mobility has a great future ahead of it. And we have the solid technological expertise, creative employees, and unique team spirit to be involved. We have what it takes to ensure that the Porsche brand continues to fascinate—even in another 70 years.”


Porsche’s future holds the promise of electric propulsion through Mission E, a concept which “combines the distinctive emotional design of a Porsche, exceptional driving performance, and forward-thinking everyday functionality.” We’re eager to watch the Porsche brand grow over the next 70 years.


Learn more about Porsche’s heritage and future at indiGO Auto Group’s Porsche North Houston, Porsche St. Louis, or Porsche of Rancho Mirage on the Desert European Motorcars Campus.

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