Bentley Rancho Mirage Celebrates Desert Fun & Leisure with its Colors of Inspiration Collection.

The Coachella Valley has long been the perfect sun-drenched weekend getaway for those escaping the smog of Los Angeles or the cold of Northern cities.

Bentley Rancho Mirage Colors of Inspiration
The Colors of Inspiration Collection: A New Era of Bentley.

To celebrate everything bright, happy, and fun about visiting the desert – from its hotels and swimming pools to its golf courses and blue sky – Desert European Motorcars has created the Colors of Inspiration collection for Bentley Rancho Mirage.

Each one of these very special Bentleys in the Colors of Inspiration Collection has gorgeous exterior paint colors matched with exciting fun and leisure-inspired pinstriping in bright hues such as “Hyperactive” orange, “Vibrant” Yellow, “Turquoise” Blue, and “Bespoke” White. The bright color accents lend a dramatic effect set against more classic exterior paint colors such as Arctic White, Satin Anthracite Grey, Beluga Black, and Cambrian Grey.

“The idea was to try to build some cool cars with accent colors that accentuate the younger hip and cool generation that now comes to Coachella and Palm Springs,” explains Jason Cammisa, campus director at Desert European Motorcars, which oversees nine luxury car dealerships in Rancho Mirage that are part of Indigo Auto Group. “We wanted to do a contemporary twist with young fun colors accenting what people feel when they come to the Coachella Valley. They are happy, young, and vibrant hues.”

The Colors of Inspiration Collection Catapults Bentley Into the Future of The Automotive World.

Cammisa himself worked with Bentley Mulliner to commission the exclusive Colors of Inspiration Bentleys in a dazzling array of finishes, materials, and exclusive features. Inside they are filled with a dizzying portfolio of finishes, materials, and features and all the luxury amenities you’d expect of a Bentley.

The collection comprises a limited edition of three Bentley models – the Continental, Flying Spur, and Bentayga – in colors and finishes that recall the “fun and happy” vibe of the desert.

The Highlighter Yellow trim, for instance, seems to harken back to 1980s spring break in Palm Springs, while the Tiffany Blue trim lends a more classic Hollywood/mid-century modern vibe.

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Palm Springs and the greater Coachella Valley have always been a place of leisure starting as far back as the 1930s when Hollywood stars began flocking to the desert paradise for quick weekend getaways from movie sets.

Bentley Rancho Mirage
Bentley: Luxury and Power Driven,

Since then, the area has continued to attract film industry types, presidents, and captains of industry and others from all over the world who are drawn to the sunshine, clean air, world-class golf courses, and laid-back poolside lifestyle.

“The idea with Colors of Inspiration Collection was to try and build some cool cars with accent colors that reflect the younger generation that is coming here now,” Cammisa says.

Three models are offered in four color combinations for both the Bentley eight-cylinder engine model and the12-cylinder engine model, he noted. “They are in essence one of a kind because you are never going to see more than one of these exact cars. So if someone wants the black one with bespoke white trim, then only one buyer gets the eight-cylinder and one buyer gets the 12 cylinder.”

The models have already started arriving at Bentley Rancho Mirage.

The brightly colored pinstriping will be shown as an accent on the carbon body exterior of the car as well as on the stitching throughout the interior.

“We came up with the accent colors by looking at the spectrum of the rainbow that is the ‘hot’ colors and ended up choosing highlighter yellow, cool orange, and tiffany blue,” Cammisa explains. “I think with Bentley specifically – and with these kinds of spec builds – you can attract anyone from their 20s to their 80s.

The Colors of Inspiration Collection Bentley Model
The Colors of Inspiration Models are Fresh and Unique from Any Other Car and Bentley.

“They are fresh and unique enough to where they stand apart from other cars and other Bentleys but they are not too in your face crazy while being drive-able and fun.”

“And they will be arriving just in time for Coachella.”

The Colors of Inspiration collection demonstrates what can be achieved through the Mulliner personal commissioning process, where the customer, retailer, and Mulliner’s design team collaborate to create truly unique cars.

Mulliner’s association with Bentley, in fact, stretches back to the earliest days of the company.

Colors of Inspiration Collection was Great Success Thanks to Mulliner’s Key Role.

Now Bentley’s known as an in-house personal commission division, Mulliner plays a key role in defining the company’s future design DNA, as demonstrated to stunning effect by the extraordinary new Batur coupé. From special features and finishes to unique and limited-edition coach-built vehicles, the Mulliner name continues to represent the ultimate in Bentley design and

Bentley customers are showing an increasing appreciation of the individuality that a Mulliner feature can bring to their chosen automobile.

In recent years the percentage of Bentleys with specific Mulliner features has continued to grow.
The demand for Mulliner special paint finishes has more than doubled; and the number of Mulliner personal commissions, bringing an individual vision to life in the Mulliner atelier, has tripled.

Bentley Rancho Mirage Colors of inspiration

Regional teams are also taking advantage of the unique ability to curate bespoke collections, specific to their own customers’ interests and passions.

Inspired by the location. Created by Bentley. Just for you.

Have questions about the Colors of Inspiration Collection? Visit our Bentley dealership below.

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