Audi Makes Taking Toll Roads Easy

New technology from Audi integrates a toll-payment system into each new vehicle’s rear-view mirror, making taking toll roads across the United States a breeze. The new system, called an Integrated Toll Module (or ITM), automatically accesses toll data and makes a payment to the appropriate toll-road management company.


According to Audi, “The mirror-based toll payment solution gives convenient access to the country’s toll roads while helping to eliminate windscreen clutter and the need to manage multiple toll accounts. The ITM technology is compatible with existing tolling agencies nationwide and can be registered with a driver’s current account, new account, or a nationwide tolling account.”


Both more aesthetically pleasing than installing a separate toll monitor and more convenient than paying multiple toll companies, the ITM is sure to make the everyday commute and exciting road trips more enjoyable than ever before.


This new technology will be released on models produced in mid-2018 and later.


To learn more, visit indiGO Auto Group’s Audi Rancho Mirage today.

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