Design Details Of The Aston-Martin Valkyrie

The Valkyrie is one of the most interesting and forward-thinking models to surface from the team at Aston Martin, and recently, the designers released some of the secrets of the new design. Considered to be a hypercar, the Valkyrie is futuristically aerodynamic. The sleek exterior design still leaves plenty of comfortable space inside for both the driver and the passenger. The OLED display shows all the cars infotainment and information systems and displays the details conveniently for the driver. The “glasshouse” design of the cab allows for nearly 360-degree views.


Of the interior features, Aston Martin’s Creative Director of Interiors Matt Hill said, “It’s been a tremendous challenge to make the interior packaging work. We’ve embraced Red Bull Racing’s Formula One ethos and approached from a different angle than conventional road car design. In this instance, we’ve started from a position where you think something is impossible and work at it until you find a way to make it work. We’ve been fighting for millimeters everywhere, but the battle has been worth it, as it’s been fantastic seeing customers try the interior buck for size. They love the ritual of getting in and how it feels to be sat behind the wheel. They’re also genuinely surprised at how the car just seems to swallow them. You really do have to sit in it to believe there is genuine space for two large adults.”


Check out the new Aston Martin Valkyrie today at indiGO Auto Group’s Aston Martin Rancho Mirage on the Desert European Motorcars Campus. 

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