Electric Driving 101 with the BMW i


There is no longer a need to worry about how much you’re spending on gas or how much further that half-tank is going to take you before it’s time to fill up again when you purchase a BMW i. Driving a BMW i isn’t just beneficial to you, but to the environment as well. Furthermore, when you have the ability to charge your vehicle rather than filling it up with gasoline, savings abound. Take the next step and find out how convenient owning a BMW i can be.

The BMW i’s is available in two different options—the i3 (60 Ah) and the i3 (94 Ah). The 60 Ah model offers a driving range of roughly 190 km, while the 94 Ah can take you 300 km on a single charge. These models exceed the average daily driving (35-50 km per day) rates by three or four times, ensuring that you won’t run out of charge on the daily commute.

Have a road trip planned? There’s no need to worry about packing up the power cord. With thousands of stations available in the US for the public to access, charging is made possible while on the go. Most public charging stations are located beside businesses and in residential areas. Many homeowners have even made their personal charging stations accessible to the public. Make finding the nearest station easy by downloading apps like Plug Share and Charge Point so you’ll never miss an opportunity to rejuvenate your BMW i.

To take the BMW i for a drive, stop by indiGO Auto Group’s BMW of Palm Springs today.

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