Keeping Your Lamborghini Cool This Summer


It’s never ideal to leave your Lamborghini sitting in the hot sun, but occasionally it’s unavoidable. After just an hour and a half, a Lamborghini’s inside temperature is, on average, 48-degrees hotter than the outside climate. So, on a 95-degree day, your vehicle’s cabin will probably be close to 143 degrees. How can you prevent your car’s interior from becoming unbearably hot? Take a look at these tips to keep your Bull cool all summer long.

  • Consider a windshield shade. A reflective protector for your front windshield can keep your car nearly 40-degrees cooler than outside temperatures, according to Order a custom shade to fit your Lamborghini’s windshield measurements.
  • Follow the sun’s position. If you do have a windshield shade, it’s best to park facing the sun so that it can reflect the majority of the rays. If you don’t have a shade, park with the sun at your car’s bumper to keep the steering wheel and driver’s seat from becoming too hot.
  • Opt for shade. While parking in a garage or climate-controlled space is ideal, in any outdoor parking situation, it’s best to choose a shady spot, even if you have to walk further to reach your destination. Also consider moving your car throughout the day (as the sun shifts in the sky) to avoid direct exposure.
  • Crack the windows. A car sitting in the sun essentially becomes a greenhouse, trapping heat inside the small cabin. Cracking windows can prevent heat from building up by allowing some hot air to escape. 

These simple steps can keep your car cooler and make your commute in your Lamborghini all that much more enjoyable.

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