Lamborghini Goes All Electric with the Lanzador Concept

Lamborghini EV
Lamborghini Lanzador Concept. | Photo credit: Lamborghini

Lamborghini has unveiled their exotic high-riding EV the Lamborghini Lanzador, a concept with a system that delivers a peak power that exceeds one megawatt.

Showcased at Monterey Car Week, the Lamborghini Lanzador concept offers a glimpse into the future of Lamborghini’s fourth pure EV model that is scheduled for release in 2028. This concept also marks a significant step towards Lamborghini’s goal of decarbonization and electrification.

Lamborghini Lanzador
Rebellious and futuristic yet retains Lamborghini’s unmistakable DNA. | Photo credit: Lamborghini

With the fourth model concept, we are opening a new car segment: the Ultra GT. This will offer customers a new, unparalleled Lamborghini driving experience thanks to pioneering technologies,” said Stephan Winkelmann, Chairman and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini.

The concept car harmoniously combines inherent performance of a Lamborghini super sports car with an elevated sense of driving enjoyment without dismissing the practicality of a vehicle suitable for daily driving.

Above all, the Lanzador is not only an original Gran Turismo, it is a preview of future technologies.

Lamborghini Lanzador
A concept with a glimpse into Lamborghini’s EV future. | Photo credit: Lamborghini

So without further adieu, let’s explore all the details of this super luxury machine.

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Electric Innovation.

The Lamborghini Lanzador is unlike any other concept in the EV market. As the first all-electric car from the Italian marque, the Lanzador is undeniably Lamborghini through and through.

Lamborghini Lanzador
The Lanzador concept is Lamborghini’s first fully electric car. | Photo credit: Lamborghini

With Lanzador we are looking into our future without forgetting our DNA. The first coupés from Lamborghini with their front engines were sporty, elegant Gran Turismos suitable for everyday use as 2+2-seaters. The concept for our fourth production model leverages our philosophy of super sportiness combined with brave new technologies and fearless design, perfectly fitting into our Direzione Cor Tauri strategy,” gushes Stephan Winkelmann.

The Lanzador features two electric motors – one on each axle – with an all-wheel drive powertrain that is due to generate over one megawatt. For a clear depiction of the power of this vehicle: a megawatt is equal to one million watts, which translates to 1341 horsepower. In short, this innovative EV exudes unparalleled power and performance

Lamborghini Lanzador
Pure Italian DNA. Lamborghini through and through. | Photo credit: Lamborghini

It’s clear that performance was prioritized in the making of the Lanzador. Expect a newly-developed Lamborghini Dinamica Veicolo Integrata (LVDI), a driving dynamic controls system that sets a new era for future Lamborghini models.

The smart aerodynamics incorporates the ALA (Aerodinamica Lamborghini Attiva) system. This is the same technology Lamborghini uses in the Huracán Performante and Aventador SVJ. Coupled with innovative active aero components both at the front and rear, these elements ensure optimal efficiency in the concept car’s Urban mode and unparalleled downforce in Performance mode.

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Design: Expect The Unexpected

Lamborghini is synonymous with a distinct and unmistakably recognizable design DNA. And the Lanzador depicts that perfectly. 

Lamborghini Lanzador
An interior like no other. Innovative. One-of-a-kind. | Photo credit: Lamborghini

The Lanzador is a look into the future.

For me, the Lamborghini Lanzador is to date our most visionary and futuristic concept car, as well as delivering stunning looks and a new kind of beauty,” says Mitja Borkert, Head of Design Lamborghini.

The exterior is breathtakingly stunning with clean lines that are authentically Lamborghini and full of tension. Lamborghini states that its design was inspired by iconic models including the Sesto Elemento, Murciélago, and Countach LPI 800-4.

electric car
Lamborghini’s goal: Electrify its entire range of vehicles and to achieve decarbonization. | Photo credit: Lamborghini

The side view takes the single silhouette line of Lamborghini in combination with a unique architecture developed for the concept car, with the typical inclination of the cabin seen clearly from both front and rear.

The electrified Grand Turismo sits impressively low on the road and has a roof height of around 1.5 metres.

It’s evident Lamborghini grabbed its inspiration for the EV model from spaceships.

Lamborghini explains: “The interior layout strictly follows the ‘feel like a pilot’ design philosophy of Lamborghini, combined with the spaceship idea: it takes the idea of a 2+2 GT but moves that a step forward, creating a 2+2 lifestyle concept where the rear space of the cabin can also be used for carrying all sorts of sports equipment or luggage.”

Lanzador interior
The interior is a truly futuristic space, incorporating Lamborghini’s “Feel like a pilot” approach. | Photo credit: Lamborghini

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Notable Features About the Lamborghini Lanzador:

EV concept
Prepare for a new version of the driving dynamics control system, Lamborghini Dinamica Veicolo Integrata (LDVI). | Photo credit: Lamborghini
  • The concept car elevates Lamborghini’s new level of sustainability as the interior of this luxurious EV is made almost entirely of sustainable materials from Italy.
  • The interior’s pilot position is also defined by a slim and lightweight dashboard that uses iconic design elements such as the large Y-shape used for the center console bridge.
  • Expect a pilot’s unit within the center console that gives the driver full control of the entertainment system, climate control, and new digital functions.
  • Using the Lamborghini ANIMA control, the driver switches between the different driving modes, including Efficiency and Performance for the best possible driving dynamics.
  • Sustainability is key. The Lanzador contains sustainably tanned leather and 100% merino wool.
  • “Lamborghini uses a new type of synthetic yarn on many components of the concept car, which is partly made from recycled plastic recovered from the oceans: it is finely shredded, washed, dried, pressed under high pressure and processed into thin nylon threads” explains Lamborghini.
electric car
Lanzador: Master craftsmanship at its finest. | Photo credit: Lamborghini

Lamborghini continues to stay ahead of the curve with its master craftsmanship, innovative technology, and luxury – and the Lamborghini Lanzador represents that.

Join the wave of innovation. Drive Lamborghini.

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