Lamborghini’s Iconic Aventador S

The heart of the Lamborghini Aventador S is beating stronger than before as it carries the V12 engine under its hood. With every lightning-fast response, the Lamborghini proves time and time again that it has genius embedded in its core. Unleashing the power of 40 horses, the Aventador S has a max torque of 507lb.-ft and a top speed of 217mph. What else could you ask for in a Lamborghini?


Through the years, this model has evolved into something spectacular, but it still holds true to its original DNA.  The tailpipes boast a hexagonal design, the vehicle is as powerful as the engine of a space shuttle, and the front end features forms that recall the fins of a shark, transmitting force and elegance while dominating the road. Using cutting-edge technology, the interior finishes are crafted with materials of the highest quality and present an infinite variety of possibilities, like the new S-Trim configuration. There are several safety features that will assist the driver while taking on every curve in the road. For instance, the Passive Safety feature creates a protection system that will alert the driver when front and rear areas of the car are in harm’s way. This is the Lamborghini that will fulfill every motorcar enthusiasts dreams.


Interested in building your very own Lamborghini Aventador S? We welcome you to visit us at indiGO Auto Group’s Lamborghini Houston.

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