McLaren Unveils the Stunning 750S 3-7-59 Theme with Bespoke Artwork

McLaren 750S 3759 Theme price
McLaren 750S 3759 Theme | McLaren

McLaren continues its 60th anniversary celebrations with the stunning McLaren 750S 3759 Theme.

The McLaren 750S 3759 Theme was unveiled at the luxury motorsports festival, Velocity Invitational, at Sonoma Raceway, USA. This innovative automotive art piece commemorates McLaren’s remarkable ‘Triple Crown’ achievement in motorsports, highlighting victories at the Indianapolis 500, Monaco Grand Prix, and the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The ‘3-7-59’ symbolizes the victorious race numbers of the three cars that secured victories in the years 1974, 1984, and 1995, according to McLaren.

The 750S 3759 could be the most intricate project ever undertaken by McLaren Special Operations (MSO). The 3-7-59 features unparalleled, bespoke artwork that decorates both the interior and exterior, epitomizing the zenith of automotive art.

McLaren 750S 3759 Theme for sale
Discover the stunning design of the 750S 3759 Theme. | McLaren

Here’s everything you need to know about its one-of-a-kind design.

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This exceptional supercar elevates McLaren’s painting prowess, utilizing over 20 colors to craft its striking exterior.

The painting process of this supercar took 1200 hours to complete, and only six unique versions of this one-of-a-kind supercar will be produced. These exclusive models, comprising both 750S coupes and Spiders, have all been sold.

McLaren 750S for sale
McLaren elevates its craftsmanship to new heights with the striking design of the new 750S. | McLaren

The complex paintwork is expertly handled by MSO’s skilled team of painters, utilizing McLaren’s cutting-edge facilities. This blend of traditional craftsmanship and innovative methods beautifully merges aesthetics with high-performance functionality, perfectly embodying McLaren’s ethos of performance. Additionally, to attain the remarkable depth and intricacy in each McLaren 750S 3759 Theme vehicle, the paint technicians at McLaren Special Operations utilized their extensive combined expertise and methods refined through numerous unique customer commissions over the years.

The key fob features meticulously hand-painted designs that echo the car’s vibrant multi-colored exterior. The car’s front design is inspired by the white and red color scheme of the McLaren MP4/2, incorporating the iconic ‘7’ race number from that car onto the bonnet. This number is seamlessly blended into a dynamic and artistic interpretation of the F1 car’s livery, resembling a ‘shattered’ pattern.

supercar for sale
Exterior details of the 3759 Theme supercar: | McLaren

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Additional Exterior Details Worth Noting

  • Detailing on the exterior crafted from silver leaf.
  • Found on both sides of the lower door is a Triple Crown logo crafted in silver. This logo, featuring a beautiful patina finish, is applied using unique gilding techniques developed internally by McLaren to create a specific desired effect.
New McLaren for sale
The 3759 Theme supercar commemorates McLaren’s “Triple Crown” victories: Indianapolis 500, Monaco Grand Prix, and the 24 Hours of Le Mans. | McLaren


The interior of the McLaren 750S 3759 Theme is just as breathtaking and one-of-a-kind. Designs of the Triple Crown logo, stitched in McLaren Orange, adorn the headrests of the car’s standard Carbon Fibre Racing Seats and are also debossed into the middle armrest.

Additionally, the seats are embellished with additional Triple Crown artwork, intricately etched in graphite Alcantara, and completed with white contrast stitching for a distinct finish.

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750S 3759 Theme interior
Features of the 750S 3759 Theme: | McLaren

Features of the 750S 3759 Theme

  • Within the car’s design, there are three QR codes – located both on the exterior and interior – each serving as a direct link to a webpage that offers detailed information about the vehicle.
  • The bracket that holds the LED running lights within the headlight assembly features a reflective ‘3-7-59’ motif, creating a striking visual effect.
  • At the back of the car, an MSO logo with electrochromic properties lights up within the brake light, which is positioned under the airbrake.
McLaren 750S interior
Interior of the 750S 3759 Theme. | McLaren

While the six units of the McLaren 750S 3759 Theme may have been sold, there’s still an opportunity to acquire one of McLaren’s artistic creations by exploring the latest McLaren inventory at indiGO Auto Group.

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