More than Skin Deep: The Ferrari Portofino M is a Work of Art On the Inside Too!

Ferrari Portofino M landscape

It’s not an overstatement to say that the Ferrari Portofino M is a work of art.

With its sculpted and flowing body and its powerful high-revving 612 horsepower twin-turbo V-8, this gorgeous convertible exemplifies everything Ferrari and is sure to turn heads everywhere it goes.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there.

The interior is equally stunning and luxurious.

Ferrari Portofino M Interior

The sumptuous materials and technology blend seamlessly to delight your senses and soothe your nerves thanks to features such as 18-way power-adjustable front seats with a neck-warming function along with zone-specific ventilation that keep you super comfy on the road. 

Put the top down and the Portofino M reveals its sporty and super stylish GT interior with seamless interlocking design elements. Ferrari’s “Styling Centre” team outdid itself here. It all started with laser focus attention to aesthetic and functional coherency between the car’s exterior and its interior, weight reduction, and more occupant space, according to Ferrari.

Ferrari Portofino M Speed

The team then moved to crafting the interior starting with a multi-level dashboard structure that includes an upper half and an intermediate gap designed to lighten the perceived mass of the lower half. So everything upfront looks light and beautiful, soothing even.

Designers created the lighter feel by subtracting rather than adding elements, which broke up the dash into different levels and allowed the team to organize the technical elements and in-car features in a highly rational and organized way while “simultaneously defining its signature full-width architecture.”

Ferrari Portofino M multi-level dashboard

A central horizontal aluminum blade divides the instrument panel, air conditioning vents, and passenger display into separate areas in the upper section. More control functions are located in the scooped section below, with a 10.25” touchscreen at the center.
Taken together, the layout provides impeccable ergonomics and highlights the construction quality of every single detail through its seamless marriage of ultra-high-tech elements and materials with handcrafted assemblies and trims. It’s Ferrari for a new era.

Moreover, according to Ferrari, the interior – and the dashboard architecture in particular – features two shells incorporating all of the technical components and a bridge that visually connects the instrument panel area with the central tunnel. This layout is designed to involve the passenger and is underscored in the styling of the door panels, handles and various controls and devices available, including the central and passenger touchscreens.

The seats of the Portofino M are something special about this Italian work of art

Ferrari Portofino M Seats

They are, in fact, the product of a special research project at Ferrari and have an innovative magnesium structure. You enjoy varied density padding and an ultra-compact seatback profile that frees up space for rear occupants.

“Also available is three-level ventilation for the seat and backrest, and the very popular neck warmer for use in winter months,” according to Ferrari. The latter offers a choice of three heat levels and the system continuously adapts the speed of the warm airflow from the headrest to ensure it is proportional to the car’s speed, outside temperature, and the position of the retractable top. What else would you expect of a Ferrari?

Other smaller features we love inside the Ferrari Portofino M:

Ferrari Portofino M Back View

The advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) available as options for the Ferrari Portofino M are: 

• Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop&Go function for driving in traffic
• Predictive Emergency Brake System that can alert the driver to potential collision risks readying the car to lessen the consequences of a frontal impact
• Blind Spot Monitoring to alert the driver to vehicles in the blind spot
• Lane Departure Warning with acoustic and/or visual alert that the car has strayed out of its lane 

Ferrari Portofino M Adaptative Cruise Control

• Automatic High Beam, which automatically turns on and off high beams when driving at night 
• Traffic Sign Recognition, which constantly displays the speed limits on the particular road/street vehicle
• Surround View with 3D display
• Rear Cross Traffic Alert, which warns the driver of moving obstacles hidden in the car’s rear blind spot, when reversing 

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