Picnicking in Style

Bentley recently showcased photos of one of the most luxurious picnics we’ve ever seen featuring the Linley Hamper. The organic British picnic was created by the award-winning farm culinary team, Daylesford Organic. The menu consisted of a carved Daylesford pumpkin filled with green kale, heritage apples, crispy bacon, toasted seeds and a honey mustard dressing as well as many more bespoke items. Executive Chef at Daylesford Organic, Gaven Fuller, stated “Late autumn is a time of great abundance at Daylesford. As the weather grows colder, we look to the earthy, intense flavors of our many varieties of pumpkin, squash and beetroot – each nurtured over the summer months in our rich organic soil. Careful slow-cooking techniques bring out their subtle sweetness and, carefully paired with our tender grass pastured beef, game or foraged wild mushrooms, offer a true celebration of the season.” Plates and cups were provided from the Linley Hamper by Mulliner a set of picnic wares sourced from the Collection of Haviland, the renowned French porcelain maker. The craftspeople from Bentley’s personal commissioning division created the hamper set to bring personality to the experience of driving a Bentley. The hamper set color choices include Camel, Hotspur, Linen, Magnolia, Beluga and New Market. The Linley Hamper is safely secured to the Bentayga using a docking mechanism, and the back of the set extends to create the perfect tailgate. Bentley never ceases to make life a luxury, no matter which road you travel.


To learn more about the Linley Hamper by Milliner for Bentley or to test drive a Bentayga, visit us at indiGO Auto Group’s Bentley Rancho Mirage on the Desert European Motorcars Campus.

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