Attention all Tall People: These Spacious Luxury Cars have the Most Legroom in the Automotive Universe.

Spacious Luxury Cars

Yes, there are luxury cars with champagne coolers and enormous flat-screen TVs, original artwork, and exotic wood finishes, but there are also spacious luxurious cars. 

If you are a tall person, then perhaps the most valuable asset within a luxury cruiser is its legroom. Thus, you need a list of the most spacious luxury cars.

So, let’s take a look at luxury spacious cars and SUVs that were designed with tall people like you in mind. These cars offer not only a luxurious interior but plenty of legroom and headroom for taller drivers.

The Perfect-Sized Cars Do Exist For Tall People, and You Can Find Them Right Here.

Here are the best, most spacious luxury cars for tall people like you.

BMW 8 Series.

spacious luxury car
Are You Too Tall For A Regular- Sized Car? BMW Has You Covered With The 8 Series.

The BMW 8 Series is considered Grand Touring (GT) car. It’s not only plush throughout – but it’s also super fun to drive. And it’s made for you because it has plenty of passenger and cargo space in the back. On top of that, it’s powerful. And you get to choose from a variety of great engines, including the twin-turbocharged V8 in the M850i xDrive. So what about the space inside? The front offer 39.1 inches of front headroom and 42.1 inches of front legroom. And it also has a wide center tunnel that allows you to keep those long arms from rubbing up against other elbows. Starting at $94,855.

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Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo.

spacious luxury car
The Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo Is The Ideal Luxury Car For Tall Drivers.

Not only is this Porsche giving you all that Porsche performance but it’s roomy and comfortable. US News and World Reports note that the front seats are “highly adjustable and supportive.” According to the magazine, tall folks might want to consider purchasing the Sport Turismo because it offers plenty of front and back legroom for tall people. The Sport Turismo also offers seating for five, while the sedan has just four-passenger seating with two rear bucket seats. Starting at $99,200.

Audi A8. 

spacious luxury car
Want Extra Leg Room On The Road? The Audi A8 Is The Perfect Car.

This is Audi’s flagship luxury sedan and is considered one of its most spacious luxury cars. And, as expected, it has plenty of luxury, comfort, and German engineering. And it has legroom. The front boasts 41.5 inches of legroom, allowing tall drivers to feel very comfortable. And Audi has given the A8 standard 22-way power-adjustable front seats that are also heated and ventilated – so you can take advantage of all that extra legroom without sacrificing other comforts. The rear seat isn’t too shabby either, providing a whopping 44.3 inches of rear legroom. Wireless device charging and a surround-view camera system are now standard so you and your passengers don’t lack tech. Starting at $86,500.

The Land Rover Range Rover.

Land Rover
The Ranger Rover Is The Perfect Spacious SUV For Those Who Are On The Tall Side.

Land Rover is the original off-roader and it’s also very luxurious. The driver enjoys not only plenty of legroom but lots of headroom as well. There’s seating for four or five and in most configurations, there’s also a rear bench. (Or a pair of reclining rear bucket seats with a center console). So whether you are driving or being driven, the Range Rover won’t let tall people down. The headroom is up to 39.4 inches in the front, where there are 39.1 inches of legroom. Starting at $92,000.

Rolls-Royce Ghost Extended.

Rolls Royce Ghost
The Rolls- Royce Ghost Is At The Top of The List As One of The Most Spacious Luxury Cars.

With the Ghost, among Rolls Royce’s most spacious luxury cars, you and your passengers can unwind in an impressive 41.7 inches of legroom in the front and 42.3 inches of legroom in the second row passenger seats. In fact, the Ghost is not just spacious it’s powerful and beautiful. Opt for the extended wheelbase version of this ultra-luxury auto and that rear legroom jumps to an incredible 49 inches. Inside the extended cabin, it’s all about stretching out in comfort with a reclining “Serenity Seat.” Think high-end business class. There’s also plenty of room for that fridge that is tucked away between the rear seats to store champagne and other refreshments – a feature that was developed with the input of a Master Sommelier who helped to perfect the cooling temperatures. Starting at $380,000.

Honorable mention for a spacious luxury car:


BMW series 7
Last But Not Least, The BMW X7 Makes It On The List As A Spacious Luxury Car.

This beautiful car starts at $74,900 and boasts 39.8 inches of legroom in the front seats and 37.6 inches of legroom in the second row.

Check out the most perfect-sized spacious luxury cars in our latest inventory.

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