Three Enviable Interior Features of the McLaren 650S Coupe


The interior of the McLaren 650S Coupe is immaculate. The well-designed features were created for the ultimate driving experience and unparalleled comfort. Take a look at our favorite elements of the car’s bespoke interior.

  1. A Steering Wheel for the Racetrack. The 650S has a small steering wheel for matchless control and handling. Its design was wholly inspired by Formula 1 cockpits. It’s simple—with no buttons or controls—and it provides curves and grips that complement hand placement.
  2. Integrated Intelligence. Media, communication, and entertainment are available at the touch of a button. For top-of-the-line navigation, an optional IRIS system links to the center console control panel. The Meridian audio system provides crystal-clear surround sound.
  3. Active Dynamic Panel. Control the experience of driving even more with the Active Dynamics Panel (ADP), which allows you to toggle the vehicle’s handling from Normal mode, to Sport mode, to Track mode. Normal mode is efficient for day-to-day driving, while Sport mode allows drivers to hear and feel the engine with more acuity. Track mode reveals the true racing power of the 650S. The panel inside the car is unobtrusive, keeping the interior’s sleek appearance fully intact.

Want to sit inside a McLaren and see these features for yourself? Stop by indiGO Auto Group’s McLaren Rancho Mirage to test drive a 650S.


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