Here are 11 Luxury Car Accessories You Can’t Live Without

Luxury Car Accessories

When it Comes to Luxury Car Accessories We Say – Go Big or Stay Home!

You’ve got the car of your dreams and you’ve tricked it out with some upgrades that grab attention and make driving even more fun and easy. But why stop there? We’ve dug up eleven of the most luxurious car accessories – from a few inches long to something the size of a refrigerator (in fact it is a refrigerator) – to complete your overall driving experience in 2023.

Diamond Studded Ferrari Key

Encrusted with more than 1,000 diamonds totaling more than seven karats, the diamond-studded Ferrari key takes be-dazzling to the next level. This is luxury car accessorizing in the extreme. Diamonds make a glittery statement like no other gem. The Ferrari car key can actually be studded with precious metals and a multitude of gemstones. The bespoke Ferrari key was created by the venerable SP Green & Co. of Great Britain and is being offered in several options. A total of 1,160 pieces of a rare variety of diamonds – VVS to flawless variety – has been encrusted on the key. Don’t like diamonds? Simply choose another gemstone. The options for customization are endless, but the idea is to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the key and make it even more exclusive. The bejeweled Ferrari car key is priced at $23,147.

Rolls-Royce Starlight
Rolls-Royce Starlight Roof | Credit: Rolls-Royce Motorcars

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Rolls-Royce Starlight Roof

This one has gotten a lot of press and food good reason. It’s simply stunning. When you buy the Rolls-Royce Phantom, you have a few options for your roof. If you love the stars, then you can choose LED lights in your roof that look like stars. Rolls-Royce, of course, produces some of the most iconic and luxurious motor cars in the world. The Starlight Headliner features a universe of fiber-optic lights mounted inside the ceiling of the car with a design that looks like constellations. The headliner is also available on the Wraith coupe and the Ghost sedan. Each headliner is created by hand and tailored to the owner’s whims. In fact, Rolls-Royce can mimic just about any constellation. So if Orion’s Belt is your thing…not a problem. Big Dipper your favorite? That’s a go! The Starlight Headliner is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also an effective way to light your cabin. The brightness of the Starlight Headliner is in fact controlled using the car’s infotainment system. According to Rolls-Royce, the headliner takes two craftspeople an average of nine hours to create by hand, although more complex designs can take up to 17 hours. Each headliner can feature anywhere between 800 and 1,600 fiber-optic lights. With your own romantic universe within the confines of your Rolls Royce your special night just got a little more special.

porsche chrono watch
Porsche Chrono Watch | Credit: Porsche

Porsche Design Chronograph

The Porsche Chronotimer Series 1 in Polish Black resembles the original designs from the automaker’s Porsche Design circa 1970s. And if it looks familiar to you that maybe due to the fact that it’s based on the first run Porsche watches from back in the day. The Chronograph comes in sapphire crystal dial cover with a sapphire case back, a polished titanium case, and black titanium, carbide-coated bracelet. It’s made in Switzerland, of course. Early issues cost half what new ones do today. Deadstock vintage ones go for closer to $10,000. Expect these to appreciate similarly.

Porsche Design Luggage

Looking for bags that are sleek, functional, and low-key and happen to match your Porsche? This locking set comes fully equipped with ergonomic aluminum grips and lightweight side bars. There are also four rotating wheels, and two large, main compartments with a strong mesh divider.

Ferrari Scarf

Think of it as lowkey Ferrari. This soft jacquard knit scarf features the famous Ferrari shield repeated in a big pattern above a small fringed edge. You need this for those days on the Mediterranean, your top down and the wind in your hair. And it’s made in Italy, of course!

Ferrari Umbrella

Now that you have the scarf you simply must have the umbrella? Rainy weather no match for this snazzy umbrella with a rubberized grip, sturdy aluminum structure, and a carbon-fiber effect on the outside canvas that helps to block UV rays. It fits right in the trunk.

bentley pen luxury car accessories
Bentley Pen Luxury Car Accessories | Credit: Bentley

Bentley Fountain Pen

For the pen collector who has everything why not an $800-plus Bentley Fountain Pen? This one was created by the venerable Italian brand Tibaldi and features an 18-carat solid gold nib and an ultra smooth ink flow. It’s the perfect writing instrument to complement your Mulsanne or Bentayga. Choose from colors that include “Silver Tempest,” “St. James Red,” “Silverlake Blue,” and “Beluga.”

Bentley’s Mulliner Refrigerated Bottle Cooler Luxury Accessory
Bentley’s Mulliner Refrigerated Bottle Cooler | Credit: Bentley

Bentley’s Mulliner Refrigerated Bottle Cooler

You simply must have this luxuriously appointed refrigerated bottle cooler for your Flying Spur.  Your rear-seat passengers will be delighted when they discover storage for a champagne bottle in a canted position, a bottle stopper and two bespoke champagne flutes – everything hidden behind beautifully trimmed frosted glass. The flutes were designed so that the base of the glasses mirrors the design of Bentley wheels. They can also be placed in specially designed flute holders in the center console armrest, for secure storage between sips even if you hit some bumps in the road (not that you would feel it with all that Bentley suspension). When not being used, the bottle cooler and glasses can be stowed and concealed. Each refrigerated bottle cooler is made to order, hand built and trimmed in the Mulliner workshop in a process that takes highly skilled artisans 15 hours. Bentleys are luxurious. So are their accessories. They wouldn’t be Bentleys if they weren’t. It takes Bentley’s craftsmen 15 hours to make the cooler setup. No wonder the company charges $10,135 for each one installed. The options list, as you can imagine, does not start and end with the cooler. You can also get matching veneer panels, quilted stitching for your seats, scent atomizers in Stirling silver, and a leather-trimmed storage compartment for jewelry so that your cooler doesn’t look out of place.

Colored BMW Grilles

Add some iconic BMW M colors to your BMW with a simple, affordable accessory: Colored grille insert trims. The trims represent the light blue, dark blue, and red shades found in the M logo, fitting over the standard kidney grille on various BMW models. They simply clip on for installation.

The McLaren Watch

Even as it celebrates its quarter century birthday, the McLaren F1 is still something extra special in the automotive world. As part of the celebration the F1 now comes with an optional special edition TAG Heuer 6000 Chronometer with the roughly $1 million purchase price. A total of 64 of these spectacular watches were produced – one for each McLaren F1 street version made – each featuring the stylized “F1” and “V12” logotypes that match the car. There’s also the chassis number of that particular buyer’s car included on the watch. Factoid for car nerds: TAG (short for Techniques d’Avant Garde) holds a 25% stake in the McLaren Group, and is a longtime sponsor of the McLaren Formula 1 team.

The Bentley Clock

With the Bentley Bentayga, you get to choose a clock that is way more than just a clock. And with a price tag of  $160,000 it had better be all that.

Bentley brought Breitling in to create a clock that’s actually worth the money. Known as the Mulliner Tourbillon, the Bentayga’s optional clock is the masterpiece of timepieces. Fully mechanical with no electronics inside, the Mulliner Tourbillon clock is self-winding. An electric motor rotates the clock occasionally to ensure it never runs out of power.  Beautiful to look at and beautifully engineered you could become mesmerized by this clock. Not only was it designed specifically for the dashboard of the Bentley Bentayga, but it’s also made of solid gold and has about 12 diamonds embedded in its face. We hear that Queen Elizabeth was the first customer and we’re not shocked by that news.

bentley gloves luxury car accessories
Bentley Gloves Luxury Car Accessories | Credit: Bentley

Bentley Driving Gloves

Designed just for her, these soft and supple leather gloves have a lowkey design that includes a keyhole back, perforated fingers, and a Bentley B stud closure. The closure matches the wheel centers on the Continental coupe. Choose from beluga (black) or tan and beluga.

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