Lamborghini Presents Their New Website


Recently, Lamborghini renewed their virtual image with a new and improved website. Every aspect has been recreated and reworked to show off more definition and detail for each and every vehicle. The new layout reveals bright colors that form the backdrop for a homepage and scrolls vertically rather than horizontally, giving viewers a whole new experience. The content provided on the page is available in six different languages and will enhance everyone’s experience who views the page. On the new site, there is a Car Configurator, which gives customers the ability to customize their Huracan or Aventador in deep detail with just a few clicks. Also, users will be able to retrace the history of Lamborghini by describing the design and innovations that have helped turn the brand into the only marque of its kind in the world. The indiGO Auto Group team is proud to represent a brand that continues to stay so technologically advanced.


If you are interested in test driving a Lamborghini or purchasing a custom vehicle you’ve designed on Lamborghini’s new website, visit us at  indiGO Auto Group’s Lamborghini Houston.


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