This Luxury Car May Have the Best Massage Seats in the World

BMW 7 Series seats
Comfort at its finest: The BMW 7 Series seats. | Photo credit: BMW Press

When it comes to luxury cars, there are several models that offer massage seats. However, one car that stands out for its exceptional massage seats is the BMW 7 Series.

The BMW 7 Series seats offer a unique massage function that is part of the Executive Lounge package. The package adds power-adjustable reclining rear seats with massage, adjustable neck cushions on the headrests, and a wireless smartphone charging pad for the rear seat area.

BMW 7 Series seats
7 Series Sedan: Designed to move the ones who move the world. | Photo credit: BMW Press

The system includes eight different massage programs that target the back, shoulders, and neck.

The massage function can be controlled through the car’s iDrive system, allowing the driver or passenger to adjust the massage intensity and duration.

The massage seats in the 7 Series are also equipped with heating and ventilation functions. The heating function warms the seat and backrest, while the ventilation function blows cool air through the perforated leather seats, providing a comfortable and relaxing ride.

The BMW 7 Series seats are powered by a pneumatic system that inflates and deflates air chambers in the seat and backrest, providing a gentle and soothing massage. The system is also equipped with a pulse mode that mimics the rhythm of a human pulse, providing a more natural and relaxing massage experience.

BMW 7 Series seats
Experience luxurious comfort at its finest inside this world-class BMW. | Photo credit: BMW Press

Ahead of the game: BMW Gesture Control

The 7 Series massage system is built into the front and rear seats.

It is designed to provide a relaxing and rejuvenating massage experience that targets the back, shoulders, and neck.

Massage is not just a luxury feature, but it also offers several health benefits.

The massage function can help reduce stress and tension in the muscles, improve blood circulation, and relieve pain and stiffness in the back and neck.

BMW 7 Series sedan
Comfort. Luxury. Innovation. Experience all this inside the 7 Series sedan. | Photo credit: BMW Press

The system also features heating and ventilation functions that can warm the seat and backrest or blow cool air through the perforated leather seats, providing a comfortable and relaxing ride.

The BMW 7 Series seats also feature advanced technology that enhances the massage experience and overall driving experience.

The car’s iDrive system allows the driver to control the massage function, as well as various other features such as the audio system, navigation, and climate control. The car also features a high-resolution touchscreen display with gesture control, allowing the driver to control various functions without touching the screen.

Luxury car interior
Turn the backseat of your BMW into a movie theater on wheels. | Photo credit: BMW Press

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In addition to its massage function, the BMW 7 Series is also equipped with several advanced safety features.

The car features a surround-view camera system, adaptive cruise control, and lane departure warning. The car is also equipped with a parking assistant system that can park the car automatically, making parking in tight spaces a breeze.

7 Series sedan
The BMW 7 Series sedan lives up to its legacy with a streamlined exterior. | Photo credit: BMW Press

Massage is just one of the exceptional features of the 7 Series that set it apart from other luxury sedans.

This next-level flagship sedan proves once again to be the authority when it comes to all things BMW.

The 2023 BMW 7 Series gives you and your passengers a serene– yet high-tech – driving experience. Expect power and agility befitting a BMW sports car but with the comfort of a world-class luxury sedan.

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Along with great massage seats, here are some other features we love:

Rule the road everywhere you drive with BMW. | Photo credit: BMW Press
  1. Luxury Evolved.Imbued with legendary performance and the defining elements of luxury, the 7 Series earned its place as BMW’s flagship full-size sedan.
  2. Where You Belong.Every second of your experience in the all-new BMW 7 Series Sedan is meticulously crafted – making every interaction intuitive, engaging, or awe-inspiring.
  3. A Grand Entrance. As you approach your all-new 7 Series, a dynamic welcome carpet of lights emanates from projectors on the vehicle. Available Automatic Doors open and close at your command. And, as you settle in, your personal preferences are ready to go with BMW ID.
  4. A Theater on Wheels.Add the available new 31″ BMW Theater Screen with up to 8K resolution and 5G connectivity. 
7 Series Sedan
Every second of your experience is meticulously crafted to ensure every interaction is intuitive, engaging, or awe-inspiring. | Photo credit: BMW Press

Get the comfort you deserve on the road with the BMW 7 Series seats. Shop the latest inventory at BMW of Palm Spring dealership below.

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