Rolls-Royce Ghost: The Minimalist Rolls-Royce

Rolls-Royce Ghost for Sale

Is the Rolls-Royce Ghost a minimalist Rolls-Royce?

Well, sort of. 

If there ever was such a thing as an understated Rolls-Royce, the Ghost might be it, at least according to the British luxury carmaker.  Rolls-Royce’s freshly designed Rolls-Royce Ghost displays a design aesthetic the automaker describes as “post-opulence (that) rejects superficial expressions of wealth.” Starting at $311,900 the Ghost is built on the company’s Architecture of Luxury platform with all-wheel drive and optical road-reading suspension. It’s lighter, stronger and stiffer than other Rolls. But don’t expect a Prius. The Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament and twin-turbo 6.8-liter V12 are still there and this baby is still 18 feet long, after all, but everything else is slightly less ostentatious thanks to a mission that “reflects an evolved appreciation of luxury, one defined by minimalism and purity,” according to Rolls-Royce.

Among the features that make the Rolls-Royce Ghost a less opulent but just-as-luxurious Rolls Royce:

  • A subtle lower side-body line that visually lowers the car and plays off of a tapered rear that seems to make the car look less massive than most Rolls.
  • Scallops in the roof and hood also help pair down and streamline the aesthetic.
  • Rain gutters are invisible, further reducing the fuss.
  • An equally clean-lined interior filled with unembellished metal, wood and leather.
  • A green-leaning MicroEnvironment Purification System to remove the contaminants coming in from the outside world.
  • Hot/cold selectors that are rotary and mechanical rather than high tech gadgetry found in other luxury automobiles

 Don’t be fooled into thinking the Ghost is about roughing it. In fact, the Ghost has plenty of luxury features, including spaciousness. The new car’s overall length has grown by 3.5 inches to 218.3 inches, and its width has increased by 1.2 inches to 77.9 inches. The Ghost retains rear-hinged “coach” doors at the back and they have a power-closing function.  And it’s luxuriously quiet. Rolls used more than 220 pounds of acoustic damping along with double glazing and felt insulation to keep noise down inside the Ghost.  And the greatest luxury can be found in the tiniest details. For instance, the stitching on the edge of the instrument panel, where each stich is angled at 45 degrees before being perfectly aligned with the rest of the design, shows that familiar Rolls attention to detail. The interior contains just under 340 individual pieces of leather and hyper plush carpeting throughout. The showpiece starlight headliner remains and comprises 1,000 fiber optic cables placed and cut by hand to look like a starry night sky. And don’t forget that the 2021 Ghost is the most technologically advanced Rolls-Royce to date.  Built on aluminum Rolls-Royce architecture the new Ghost has all-wheel drive and all-wheel steering for unprecedented agility and performance. The 2021 Ghost can get to 60 mph in just 4.6 seconds while offering sharper driving thanks to an all-wheel-steering system and 50/50 weight. It’s everything you expect from the most popular Rolls-Royce with some new flourishes and technology designed to delight a new generation of customers. 

Other features of the Rolls-Royce Ghost include:

Passenger comfort

Rear passengers are treated to luxuries including massaging seats, their own entertainment system and an abundance of leg room. 

Infotainment and connectivity

The Ghost has its own Wifi hot spot and features a large infotainment touchscreen with in-dash navigation.


Rolls-Royce also supplies an 18-speaker Bespoke stereo system with 1300 watts of power and magnesium-ceramic speaker cones.


Stored within its iconic rear doors is the cherished Rolls-Royce umbrella – true emblem of style.

So those seeking luxury will find it even if it is a down-stated luxury when compared to other Rolls-Royce automobiles. And if you upgrade to the Black Badge Ghost model you gain an additional 40-hp. All versions have a top speed of 155 mph.  The Ghost’s incomparable suspension always makes for an uber-comfortable ride. Road trip, anyone?

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