How the Volkswagen ID. Buzz Stacks Up Against the Original Microbus

Electric Volkswagen
Electric ID. Buzz: The bus is back! | Photo credit: VW

The Volkswagen bus is back! Now it’s in the form of the electric ID.Buzz, which is undoubtedly the most awaited vehicle reveal of 2023.

For the zealous Volkswagen enthusiasts, the opinions of the experts on the topic significantly matter. So in March of 2022, a prototype of the electric ID.Buzz was showcased at the renowned South by Southwest cultural spectacle in Austin, Texas, to gauge public sentiment, according to eBay Motors.

The hosts of the widely followed VW Life YouTube channel, Matt Jackson and Gary Alexander, tested the bright yellow European-spec ID. Buzz against the classic two-tone 1966 bus named Ziggy.

Jackson and Alexander carried out a comparative analysis of the two VW models.

electric ID.Buzz
The new Buzz is a reflection of the iconic Volkswagen bus. | Photo credit: VW

Right out of the gate, the ID. Buzz was determined to be six inches wider and 14 inches longer than the original microbus.

According to eBay Motors Blog, the duo particularly appreciated the design elements reminiscent of the original, like the two-tone paint, the oversized VW symbol at the front, the expansive glass front window, and even the decorative air vents on the C-pillar.

However, they also admired the modern enhancements, such as the eight USB ports, the potential 300-mile range of zero-emission, the 30-minute rapid charging capability, and the practical four-by-four-foot cargo space that can hold a shipping pallet.

VW ID.Buzz
It’s almost here! The release date is not yet confirmed. But the Buzz is set to be released in 2024. | Photo credit: VW

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 Jackson, who owns a 1965 Microbus, told eBay Motors Blog:

“I believe they’ve captured the spirit of the original bus. Those who’ve previously owned a Volkswagen will adore the ID. Buzz, but they might also miss the simple charm of the vintage Volkswagens we own—which are easy to maintain on your own.”

 Tim Miller, the state representative of the Vintage Volkswagen Club from Turner, Ore., and an owner of multiple Volkswagen models said in an interview with eBay Motors Blog:

 “The ID. Buzz has an appealing charm that will undoubtedly draw people in. However, the relatively short battery life may keep electric cars as secondary options until next-generation batteries offer more range.”

This Volkswagen is basically a camper, seating up to seven people inside its spacious interior. | Photo credit: VW

Many first-time EV owners express concerns about range until they start driving an electric car. The potential 300-mile range on a single charge and rapid charging capability of the Volkswagen electric ID.Buzz will meet the needs of almost all drivers, except those wanting to complete non-stop transcontinental trips.

With a DC fast charger, a five- to 80-percent charge (adding about 240 miles) can be achieved in less than half an hour.

Volkswagen buses have always been more about the experience than the specifications.

Volkswagen ID Buzz interior
The electric ID.Buzz is a home, office, and a safe space on wheels. | Photo credit: VW

The late automotive anthropologist, Tom Turrentine, once said: “Volkswagen vans intersected with the 1960s cultural revolution, California surf culture, and the American family vacation. It was just a box on wheels and very underpowered. But it connects with people hitting the road, going to festivals or camping, and getting outdoors, away from cities.”

 Turrentine believed that VW vans had their flaws, but that was part of their charm.

 “There’s a guy down the street from me who drives a 1964 camper. It sat in a field for years, where it was riddled with 100 bullet holes. But he restored it and drove around that carcass with bullet holes. I love that.”

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The Volkswagen Buzz has the potential to be a bestseller and a catalyst for the emerging electric car market.

VW ID Buzz price
Convenience is key inside this Volkswagen bus. Prepare for the ultimate driving experience. | Photo credit: VW

The electric ID.Buzz was sold out in Europe for 2022. Currently, there is a six-month waiting period, despite no samples available in showrooms. Lars Krause, a VW representative, believes that showcasing the buses in dealerships should trigger “a further surge in demand,” according to the eBay blog. The plan is to manufacture 100,000 units worldwide in 2023.

VW displayed several versions of the retro-styled Microbus (initially named the Bulli) before finally deciding to produce it as an electric-only vehicle. The design, first displayed at the Detroit Auto Show in 2017, was well-received, with updated versions of the Microbus’s iconic people-friendly design.

The US version of the VW ID. Buzz will have seven seats and measure 196.1 inches. This should comfortably accommodate third-row passengers and ensure a large luggage compartment. Its 150-kilowatt electric motor will generate 295 horsepower and 339 pound-feet of torque. The range is expected to be about 300 miles. There’s no official US pricing, but it’s anticipated to start around $40,000.

Volkswagen ID Buzz
You can pre-order your electric ID.Buzz now! Contact our Volkswagen retailer today. | Photo credit: VW

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The new VW ID. Buzz features some significant updates not found in the original VW bus including:

VW ID Buzz colors
A fun, silly, unique, and innovative interior and exterior. You’re sure to turn heads on the road with the ID. Buzz. | Photo credit: VW
  • Advanced electric drive system: The ID. Buzz is powered by a 150-kilowatt electric motor that offers a potential 300-mile zero-emission range and 30-minute fast charge capability.
  • Modern design touches: The vehicle retains the spirit of the original bus but with contemporary design elements like eight USB ports and a practical four-by-four-foot cargo space.
  • Bigger dimensions: The ID. Buzz is six inches wider and 14 inches longer.
  • Seven-seat capacity: The US version of the ID. Buzz will have seven seats and measure 196.1 inches, allowing for ample space for third-row passengers and their luggage.
  • High-powered performance: The electric motor is capable of producing 295 horsepower and 339 pound-feet of torque, enabling a smooth and powerful driving experience.
VW ID Buzz range
Contact our VW retailer to inquire about this one-of-a-kind bus. | Photo credit: VW

Join the wave of innovation and pre-order your electric ID.Buzz from our Volkswagen retailer – VW Marin.

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