Volkswagen’s Software Upgrade for the Golf Will Affect Other VWs Too. Here’s a peek:

Volkswagen’s software upgrade for the Golf is the epitome of vehicle technology.

What does Volkswagen’s software upgrade mean for you as the owner or potential owner of a Golf or other Volkswagen car?

Get Your Hands on a New VW to Enjoy The Volkswagen’s Software Upgrade.

According to Volkswagen, it means that switching between menus and performing any tasks on the infotainment screen will be much faster than before, among other things. 

And a new voice control system ensures that you won’t need to actually touch the touchscreen as much as you did before, according to the German automaker.

If you are an existing Golf owner you may be contacted by Volkswagen to have the software updated as part of a voluntary service update. These same updates will be rolled out on the Golf GTI and the Golf R in America, where the standard Golf is no longer being rolled out as of 2021.

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The new infotainment system has rolled out in 2022 for not only the Golf but also VW’s electric cars based on the MEB platform. These include the ID.3 and ID.4.

Volkswagen: Peek Inside The New Infosystem.

The system, called the MIB infotainment system, now brings quicker voice control as well as improved accidental-touch recognition along with more powerful processing, according to VW.

The upgraded infotainment hardware will be fitted to brand new Golfs produced from now on that have the Discover Pro system.

Along with revamped driver assists, a head-up display, and wireless charging there’s also better-optimized software, which includes a new voice control with faster recognition and response – and with the ability to be interrupted. The new Volkswagen’s software upgrade can even decipher whether the driver or the front passenger is speaking. 

It will now take fewer than five seconds for the Golf’s navigation system to respond when you enter a destination. An extra proximity sensor also makes gesture controls work more optimally than before – even from several inches away.

Volkswagen’s software upgrade fine tunes all previous software issues, adds popularly requested features and overall makes the infotainment system faster and more responsive.

Experience VW Technology Like Never Before.

Among other things, the system can understand when you say something like “I’m too warm” or “Where can I find a Mexican restaurant in Toledo?” and respond rapidly.

The system employs digital microphones so that the voice control can detect not only who is speaking but what they want. Things like “turn on the air conditioner” or “turn down the heat” are now fast and easy.

What else do you need to know about the optimized system?

-It’s moved in recent years from physical tactile controls to a touchscreen set-up and – even that touchscreen has been improved.

-It allows interruptions so you can have a more organic conversation with the system

-Enables the driver and front-seat passenger to operate the entertainment, navigation, telephone, and climate control. 

-It employs voice controls responses and reactions that are four times faster than before.

The Optimized System Has Everything You Need on the Road and More!

Overall, the performance of the graphics card has tripled, according to Volkswagen. 

Volkswagen’s software upgrade will have 25 percent more computing capacity and 3x the graphical power compared to the earlier version, the German automaker said.

The free upgrade impacts those cars that have the VW Discover Pro system, which offers a range of media entertainment and functionality at your fingertips on an 8“ touchscreen color display, according to Volkswagen.  It comes with a navigation system, DVD drive, and DAB/FM/AM radio.

Those cars that don’t have Discover Pro will receive the same processing power as the current advanced set-up.

Have All the Power of Technology at Your Fingertips With the Volkswagen’s Software Upgrade .

With its new system, Volkswagen is essentially reducing the need for physical controls. That means certain cars can now identify which of the front seat passengers is speaking and respond directly to requests for heating the seat or tweaking the interior temperature.

And that speech recognition is now 95 percent accurate thanks to high-tech microphones and cloud-based sources and offline-stored data, VW said.

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