It All Started in a Little Factory in Maranello: Ferrari Celebrates 75 Years of Greatness.

Although automotive history buffs know that Enzo Ferrari’s first car was the Auto Avio Construzioni 815 in 1940, he actually set up shop for real in 1947 with the introduction of the first-ever Ferrari-badged model: the 125 S.

Thus 2022 is a big year for Ferrari – both the road and motorsport divisions – as Ferrari celebrates 75 years of greatness with a new anniversary logo as well as a film that celebrates the real people behind the great Italian automotive company.

It’s the Ferrari company’s passion, bravery, and innovation that has allowed it to grow and thrive over 3/4s of a century, and now Ferrari celebrates 75 years of excellence. And it all started with the vision of one man: Enzo Ferrari.

Ferrari Celebrates 75 years
Looking Back In History: Ferrari Celebrates 75 Years of Greatness in 2022.

In 1947, as most post-war manufacturers competed to build huge factories intended to crank out mass-produced vehicles, Ferrari decided to follow his heart and pursue a personal automotive dream that would eventually lead to 75 years of greatness.

That year he opened a small factory in Maranello. Far from focusing on the mass market, he had only one car in his sights: the 125 S, an automobile that could handle daily driving and win races. 

The 125 S embodied Ferrari’s drive toward technological innovation as well as his dream to win races – and it laid the foundation for Ferrari greatness on and off the track. Today, a worldwide community of fans, clients, and Ferrari employees has coalesced around the Ferrari brand. In fact, the Ferrari family shares a sense of belonging and passion, spanning generations and nationalities.

Ferrari Enzo Ferrari
Looking Back In History: Ferrari Celebrates 75 Years of Greatness in 2022.

And it’s that family that is the subject of a new film released along with the 75th anniversary logo as part of the historic celebration.

The new logo is brought to life via a mosaic of employee faces – the perfect way to acknowledge those who maintain Ferrari’s success even in modern times. And most importantly, it is an unforgettable emblem as Ferrari celebrates 75 years.

“For this special year we have created a special icon: a sculpture made up of thousands of components forged here in our factory and positioned one by one by my Ferrari colleagues,” Ferrari Chairman John Elkann said recently.

“It’s a symbol of the Ferrari spirit which is shared both here in Maranello and by all our family around the world. It reflects the essence of who we are, our past 75 years, and our future. It is a symbol of a company that, as Enzo Ferrari once said, above all, is made of people”.

Enzo Ferrari’s Work Ethic and Dedication Made it Possible for Ferrari to Celebrate 75 Successful Years.

Enzo aimed to create automotive history with the Ferrari 125 S while at the same time proving unbeatable on the track. Over the decades Ferrari has grown in terms of clientele, employees, and historical significance, always with that rich history of victories on the track.

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As Ferrari celebrates 75 years, legendary automotive writer, editor, and photographer Dennis Adler updated his classic book Ferrari: The Road from Maranello.

The newly released book, now called Ferrari: 75 Years, commemorates the past and also includes updates that detail the brand’s latest renaissance and innovations. 

Ferrari 75 years logo
Ferrari Celebrates 75 Years of Greatness in 2022.

The updated version includes everything in the older book but incorporates the recent expansion of the model lineup, including plug-in-hybrid technologies and the inclusion of engines with fewer than eight cylinders. It also covers the retro-inspired by mechanically sophisticated Icona series. 

Adler had full access to serious Ferrari collectors’ cars and to those who work at Ferrari headquarters, both in Italy and in the U.S., making his book a truly definitive work.

Also in 2022, Ferrari announced it would release 15 new vehicles to commemorate 75 Years.

Ferrari Purosangue 2023
The Purosangue is Part of Ferrari’s 75th Year Celebration.

The 812 GTS, F8 Tributo and Spider, Roma, and Monza SP1/SP2 have already arrived, and the Purosangue is on its way.

Expected to be introduced this year, the Purosangue is slated to be Ferrari’s first SUV. Code-named the F175 when it was first talked about in 2017, the standard Purosangue is set to be powered by Ferrari’s definitive V12. However, a hybrid V8 version and two electric versions are scheduled to arrive in the coming years.

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