Five Reasons To Love The Jaguar F-TYPE

For those who appreciate the thrill of a roaring Jaguar, the F-TYPE is guaranteed to bring the ultimate satisfaction. The F-TYPE range is engineered for high performance and responsive handling. Following its legendary predecessors, the F-TYPE delivers an exhilaratingly instinctive driving experience. Discover the five reasons to love the Jaguar F-TYPE below.


  1. The F-TYPE has a lightweight aluminum body structure with high torsional rigidity, making it the ideal platform for a sports car. This strong, rigid structure provides an inherently stable platform for precise, agile handling, and is the perfect complement to the high-performance engine range.
  2. The F-TYPE offers superb handling, feel, grip and control. It has all the convenience for everyday usability with the character of an amazing sports car.
  3. It is designed to put the driver first and, with a wide choice of interior colors and textures, presents an excellent opportunity for individual expression.
  4. The technology allows the driver to easily select climate control, GPS navigation, audio choices or Bluetooth telephone connectivity on the crisp color 8-inch Touch-screen in the F-TYPE center console.
  5. The Adaptive Dynamics feature instinctively modifies the car’s response to conditions and your driving style. It analyzes acceleration and braking, cornering, throttle and brake-pedal activity, as well as road load and kick down activation.


Interested in purchasing your very own Jaguar F-TYPE? We welcome you to visit us at indiGO Auto Group’s Jaguar Rancho Mirage on the Desert European Motorcars Campus today.

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