The Purosangue is Pure Ferrari – Just Don’t Call it an SUV

Ferrari SUV
Purosangue: Ferrari Utility Vehicle. | Photo credit: Ferrari

Just for the record, Ferrari has never made – and never will make – a Sport Utility Vehicle aka SUV. Ferrari has created the four seater Purosangue.

And if you are thinking of calling the four seater Purosangue an SUV, you might want to think twice. 

four seater purosangue
The Ferrari Purosangue is the first ever four-door, four-seater car in Ferrari’s history. | Photo credit: Ferrari

Ferrari has made it clear that they don’t want you to call it that. So, what should you call it instead?

According to the Italian automaker, the Purosangue is a “Ferrari Utility Vehicle” or FUV for short. It’s a new category of vehicle that Ferrari has created, and they’re hoping it will stand out from the rest.

But why doesn’t Ferrari want you to call it an SUV? 

Well, for one thing, SUVs are often associated with practicality and utility. They’re seen as family-friendly vehicles that can handle rough terrain and carry a lot of cargo and kids.

Ferrari SUV
Purosangue not an SUV. It’s a Ferrari Utility Vehicle. | Photo credit: Car and Driver

Ferrari, on the other hand, is known for making high-performance – dare we say sexy – sports cars that are all about speed and style. So, they don’t want the Purosangue to be thought of as just another SUV.

Instead, it’s better to focus on the “purity” of the Purosangue, according to the Italian automaker.

The name itself means “thoroughbred” in Italian, and Ferrari wants you to think of it as a vehicle that’s all about performance and luxury. Think of it as a vehicle that’s just as at home on the racetrack as it is on the open road.

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four seater purosangue
Ferrari Purosangue: Italian for thoroughbred. | Photo credit: Car and Driver

If you’re feeling creative, you could come up with your own term. How about “sport-utility supercar” or “luxury off-roader?” Or maybe just “Ferrari on steroids.” The possibilities are endless.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter how you describe the four seater Purosangue. What matters is that it’s a vehicle that’s pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. 

It’s a vehicle that’s combining the best of both worlds – high-performance sports cars and practical SUVs. And whether you call it an FUV or something else entirely, there’s no denying that the Purosangue is one impressive machine.

Ferrari SUV
Where performance, driving pleasure, and comfort coexist in perfect harmony. | Photo credit: Car and Driver

The Ferrari Purosangue is in fact the first ever four-door, four-seater car in Ferrari’s history.

And, you guessed it, the Ferrari Purosangue SUV will be fast and powerful.

The Purosangue is powered by a V12 – and there’s a hybrid version that combines a V8 with an electric motor. Two fully electric models are also in development and will hit the market in the coming years. The four seater Purosangue is like nothing seen before. It’s a unique car and the encapsulation of the Prancing Horse’s DNA.

Luxury SUV
This Ferrari super SUV can get you from 0 to 60 in just 3.2 seconds. | Photo credit: Ferrari

And of course, the driving experience is out of this world.

“I’ve driven it several times in the hills of Maranello,” Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna told the media. “And I can testify that the driving experience is really astonishing.” In fact, he said it will exceed all expectations.

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Starting at $398,350, the Purosangue is long, sleek, and chock full of Ferrari DNA notes Car & Driver.

four seater purosangue
Modern design languages harmoniously combine with Ferrari’s signature GT sports car aesthetic. | Photo credit: Ferrari

“To purists scoffing at an SUV wearing the famed prancing horse badge, we’ll point to the naturally-aspirated 6.5-liter V-12 engine lurking under the Purosangue’s hood. Nothing says Ferrari more than a screaming 715-hp twelve-cylinder, and it even wears the brand’s signature red-painted valve colors. The engine makes a hearty 528 pound-feet of torque, (and) it should power the Purosangue to 62 mph in just 3.3 seconds and on to a top speed of 193 mph,” the magazine gushed.

Expect true, pure Ferrari DNA. Purosangue by name. Purosangue by nature.

You can expect a driver-focused layout in the cockpit. It also has room for four adults and a generous cargo bay. And it’s filled with high-end leather as well as sporty carbon-fiber trim.

Luxury SUV
Visit Ferrari Silicon Valley for inquiries about the this Ferrari Utility Vehicle. | Photo credit: Ferrari

Along with releasing the new Ferrari Purosangue SUV, the Italian automaker is also gearing up for the shift to electric vehicles.  In fact, the first fully electric Ferrari vehicle is due for release very soon. 

Ferrari’s first ever utility vehicle opens new frontiers thanks to its modern architecture and unparalleled comfort.

For inquiries about the four seater Purosangue, please contact our Ferrari dealership below.

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