The Historic Lamborghini LM 002


Lamborghini is known for the exquisite and memorable vehicles in which they create. The LM 002 was one of the many projects taken on by Lamborghini that has left its mark in the world of cars.


At the end of the 1970’s, the American company MIT commissioned Lamborghini to design an off-road vehicle. At first, the project failed. It was proposed again in 1981 and after several prototypes had been built and waited to become street legal. Lamborghini presented the LM 002 series model in 1986 where then the vehicle was available to all. This powerful off-road with the Countach engine was liked by kings, actors and racers alike – the first LM 002 was delivered to the King of Morocco. In 1987 an LM 002 was built and used also for the pharaohs’ rally and for the Paris-Dakar one year later. The last LM 002 was produced in 1992 making history for Lamborghini.


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