A Lamborghini That’s One Of A Kind

If you’re going to purchase a new Lamborghini, why not customize every detail precisely to your liking? Lamborghini’s online car configurator allows customers to digitally build their dream Lamborghini. Once designed, the Lamborghini can be purchased through a local dealership (like Lamborghini Rancho Mirage or Lamborghini North Houston), assembled at the factory, and shipped to the United States. Lamborghini’s online configurator offers the ultimate customer experience.


The online configurator gives Lamborghini enthusiasts the option to choose from three Lamborghini models: the Aventador, the Huracan, and the Urus.




After customers select their favorite Lamborghini model, they can choose from a broad range of nearly unlimited configurations, from the exterior paint color to interior seat style.  


Lambo Inspirational


On the exterior, customers can select from nearly 40 paint options along with an array of rims, brakes and calipers, engines, wheel caps, and more. Interior design starts with 8 options for color and trim; then, customers can customize the steering wheel leather, seat styles, and seatbelts.  


Lamborghinin Paint


LAMBO Interior

Don’t forget to choose special packages that fit each Lamborghini driver’s lifestyle! Packages such as the smoker package and travel package can be included with every custom model. Create the safest and most reliable cockpit with additions such as a fire extinguisher, battery maintainer, digital tire pressure gauge, emergency kit, rechargeable torch, and winter tires.



Ready to see your dream Lamborghini come to life? Visit us at indiGO Auto Group’s Lamborghini Rancho Mirage on the Desert European Motorcars Campus or Lamborghini North Houston.


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