The Range Rover Electric Finally Shows Its Face as It’s Tested at the World’s Most Challenging Locations – Join the Waitlist Today!

Range Rover Electric for sale
Range Rover Electric | Land Rover

We finally get to see what the Range Rover Electric looks like as it’s tested for leadership in extreme sub-zero temperatures as low as –40°F.

Testing the Range Rover Electric on the icy lakes of Sweden has showcased Range Rover’s innovative all-electric propulsion system developed in-house. This new technology enhances Range Rover’s already exceptional performance on low-grip surfaces, ensuring that the vehicle’s capability remains virtually unmatched.

range rover electric SUV
The Range Rover EV has been tested in the world’s most challenging terrains to showcase its capabilities. | Land Rover

The all-electric Range Rover is expected to be the quietest and most refined Range Rover ever and the waitlist to buy it is open. Land Rover states: “Engineers are on target to create the quietest and most refined Range Rover ever created; with a unique active road noise cancellation configuration and sound design, plus cabin comfort levels enabled by its electric underpinnings for serene modern luxury.” In short, the electric Range Rover SUV represents the future of luxury electric mobility.

Additionally, the all-electric Range Rover is transforming the luxury SUV market with its advanced 800V architecture, designed for rapid charging on public networks. This breakthrough offers a smooth ownership experience through effortless charging capabilities, strategic energy partnerships, and over-the-air software updates. With smart technology at its heart, the all-electric Range Rover maximizes range, providing a refined and efficient travel experience for its future clients. Explore this electric luxury SUV in detail. Review its performance, specs, charging, and range capabilities.

new land rover for sale
Review performance, specs, charging, and range capabilities. | Land Rover

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Release date

The all-electric Range Rover is set to arrive later in 2024. Secure your spot on the waitlist now to be one of the first to experience this eagerly awaited luxury electric SUV. For inquiries about the new Range Rover EV, please contact an indiGO Auto Group Land Rover dealer. Availability is limited, so get in touch with us today.

Range Rover electric price
Join the waitlist below. | Land Rover

As far as performance, “a new traction control system delivers exceptional levels of performance on icy or low-grip surfaces.”

According to Land Rover, “Instead of relying on a traditional traction control system centered within the ABS unit, the Range Rover Electric enhances performance by assigning wheel slip management directly to each individual electric drive control unit. This advancement significantly reduces the torque reaction time at each wheel, dropping from approximately 100 milliseconds to an impressive 1 millisecond.”

Additionally, the instant torque characteristic of electric and hybrid Ranger Rovers amplifies its already remarkable capabilities, particularly on slippery slopes and during challenging rock crawls, ensuring a smooth and powerful journey across diverse terrains.

Range Rover Electric 2024
Land Rover emphasizes that “a new traction control system delivers exceptional levels of performance on icy or low-grip surfaces.” | Land Rover

It’s also important to note that the Range Rover Electric and Electric Hybrid excel in water fording abilities. Depending on the model, it can navigate through streams and flooded roads with a wading depth ranging from 19.69 inches to an impressive 35.43 inches. This capability underscores the vehicle’s design for versatility and resilience, making it adept at handling a variety of challenging conditions with ease.

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800V architecture electrical architecture: range and charging

With its 800V electrical architecture, the Range Rover models are engineered for faster charging times, boosting efficiency and performance while reducing energy consumption. Essentially, this design allows the vehicle to cover greater distances with fewer charging stops.

800V architecture electrical architecture
Expect an 800V architecture electrical architecture on the Range Rover Electric. | Land Rover


  • 5 Seats
  • 37 CU. FT.
  • Up to 155 MPH
  • Up to 448.4 MPG
  • 800V architecture electrical architecture

Not ready to switch to a fully electric Range Rover just yet? Consider the Electric Hybrid option as a versatile alternative.

The Electric Hybrid model features a combination of an electric motor and battery, complemented by a traditional engine. This configuration supports primarily electric driving for most short trips, offering zero tailpipe emissions. On longer journeys, the fusion of electric and fuel power adds an extra layer of reliability. Conveniently, the battery can be charged easily at home or on the go, ensuring it’s always ready for the road.

range rover electric hybrid
Inquire about this new EV SUV at an indiGO Auto Group Land Rover dealer. | Land Rover

The Hybrid model stands as a pinnacle of refinement and luxury in the EV segment. With an electric vehicle (EV) range of up to 53 miles, it offers a blend of efficiency and performance tailored for the discerning driver. With a towing capacity of up to 5,511 lbs, the Range Rover Electric Hybrid and Range Rover Sport Electric Hybrid are equipped to tackle even the most challenging tasks effortlessly. Featuring an Electrically Deployable Towbar, Advanced Tow Assist, Hitch Assist, and Trailer Stability Control, these vehicles set the standard for towing refinement and capability.

Stay tuned as more details on this electric luxury SUV come to light. For inquiries about the Range Rover Electric contact an indiGO Auto Group Land Rover dealer.

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