This Special-Edition Rolls-Royce Ghost Is Limited to 120 Units and Celebrates the World of Fashion and Contemporary Design

Rolls-Royce Ghost Prism for sale
Rolls-Royce Ghost Prism | Rolls-Royce

The Rolls-Royce Ghost Prism is an exclusive ultra-luxury car with only 120 units designed to appeal to influential figures in the fashion world.

The Rolls-Royce Ghost Prism is a highly exclusive masterpiece inspired by the world of contemporary design. According to Rolls-Royce, many of their clients are prominent and strong influences in the global realms of fashion, design, and super-luxury. They bring their professional expertise and personal tastes to their custom Rolls-Royce designs. Thus, “Based on the close relationship the marque’s designers have with these clients, they have anticipated demand for an emerging aesthetic movement and created Rolls-Royce Ghost Prism,” explained Rolls-Royce.

The Ghost Prism features impeccably crafted dark, neutral tones that are elegantly highlighted by striking bursts of color, making a timeless statement. “It is this contrast between a solid form and bright, spectral hues that inspired Ghost Prism’s name,” states Rolls-Royce.

Rolls-Royce Ghost Prism price
Explore the Ghost Prism, a highly exclusive masterpiece with only 120 units. | Rolls-Royce

Let’s explore the timeless design of this highly-exclusive Rolls-Royce. Discover the sophisticated aesthetics, groundbreaking features, and exquisite details that make the Ghost Prism a beacon of automotive artistry. Prepare to be captivated by the Ghost Prism.

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Rolls-Royce Ghost Prism for sale.

The Ghost Prism is now available for purchase exclusively at an indiGO Auto Group Rolls-Royce dealership. This limited-edition model, with only 120 units crafted worldwide, commemorates the 120th anniversary of the luxury brand. Secure a piece of automotive history and celebrate this significant milestone with a vehicle that blends timeless elegance with unique design. Visit your nearest indiGO Auto Group Rolls-Royce dealer to order your Ghost Prism today.

Rolls-Royce Ghost Prism for sale
Inquire about the Ghost Prism at an indiGO Auto Group Rolls-Royce dealer. | Rolls-Royce


Replacing the traditional mirror-polished stainless steel finish, the Rolls-Royce Ghost Prism features a grille and rear-lid brightwork in a high-gloss Burnout, a sophisticated smoked black-grey color. To achieve this distinct finish, each metal piece undergoes meticulous preparation by the marque’s skilled artisans. Initially, a light abrasive treatment is applied to create a ‘key’ for the primer, ensuring durability. This is followed by the application of four coats of Burnout paint. After the paint cures, each piece is individually polished to achieve a high-gloss sheen that complements the motor car’s coachwork perfectly. Complementing this unique aesthetic, the front bumper and side profile brightwork are finished in a deep gloss black, maintaining the Ghost Prism’s refined and understated look.

rolls-royce ghost prism special features
This special edition Ghost exudes luxury in every inch of its design. | Rolls-Royce

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The interior of the Rolls-Royce Ghost Prism acts as a canvas for personal expression, allowing you to infuse the cabin with your distinct style through the power of vibrant colors and contrasts. Central to this tailored experience is the Starlight Headliner, an exquisite feature made up of 1,040 colored ‘stars’. This custom detail casts a gentle glow throughout the interior, bathing it in your selected color and altering the ambiance of the Ghost Prism. This creates a space that not only mirrors but elevates your individuality, making each drive a uniquely personal journey.

Bring your vision to life by customizing your Rolls-Royce. | Rolls-Royce

Additionally, while clients have the option to customize their interior suite with an almost unlimited array of Bespoke color schemes, early commissions of the Ghost Prism feature a light and vibrant palette. This contrasts sharply with the bold, authoritative presence of the car’s exterior.

Rolls-Royce Ghost Prism Special Features

customize a rolls-royce
Check out the Rolls-Royce Ghost Prism special features below. | Rolls-Royce
  • Four bold accent colors can adorn Ghost Prism: Phoenix Red, Turchese, Mandarin, and Forge Yellow
  • Phoenix Red: A bold, daring shade that blazes with the intensity of passion, courage, and desire, reserved for the audacious few.
  • Forge Yellow: Bright, optimistic, and unconventional, this color symbolizes the promise of a new dawn.
  • Turchese: A color that embodies tranquility and calmness, whispering serenity to those who seek solace in quiet reflection.
  • Mandarin: A vibrant orange that confidently asserts itself with unwavering authority, making a definitive statement within the spectrum of expression.
New rolls-royce for sale
Inquire about this special edition Ghost at an indiGO Auto Group Rolls-Royce dealer near you. | Rolls-Royce

Elevate everyday driving with the Ghost Prism. Unleash the artistry and innovation of Rolls-Royce by contacting an indiGO Auto group Rolls-Royce dealer today. Craft your legacy—secure your Ghost Prism and redefine luxury on your terms. Reach out now and make an indelible mark on roads with the Rolls-Royce Ghost Prism.

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