The Rolls-Royce Ghost Turns 114 – and Just Keeps Getting Better With Age!

Rolls Royce Ghost design

It’s been called the ultimate automotive status symbol – the purest expression of Rolls-Royce.

The Rolls-Royce Ghost turns 114 – and it hasn’t lost its luster with age. Instead, it’s more luxurious, more over the top, and more beautiful than ever.

As the Rolls-Royce Ghost turns 114, it continues to be decadent, powerful, smooth as silk to ride in – and simply the best. 

Rolls Royce Ghost officially turns 114
The Rolls-Royce Ghost Turns 114, and It Only Keeps Getting Better with Age.

Whether you are the driver or the driven, when you get there in the Ghost, you have already arrived. 

And it all began with the Silver Ghost, the car that cemented Rolls-Royce’s reputation for being synonymous with luxury and quality. The open-top Claret model from 1923 started off in Great Britain as a limo. When it was finally brought to the United States in the 1960s when one was purchased by Doug and Mary White of North Caroline. The couple has since covered more than 100,000 miles in the old stately car. 

In its early year, wealthy families purchased the Ghost and then brought it into a private coach builder who would put the owner’s personal and very custom stamp on the British vehicle. 

Mulliner Park Ward was one famous example of this. 

The Rolls-Royce Ghost is A Galaxy of Stars on Wheels.

The new Ghost models all have the same elegant bodywork as the original but everything is done at Goodwood, which has an incredible Bespoke service that adds a very personal touch to every customized vehicle.

While Silver Ghost was upright and stately – and thoroughly British in this respect – the newer Ghosts are all about luxury – sleek and dare we say sexy – opulent and yet tasteful. 

And it just keeps getting better with age.

The 2022 Rolls-Royce Ghost is in fact the ultra-premium sedan of 2022, an automobile that looks strikingly different than any Rolls before it.

As the Rolls-Royce Ghost turns 114, there are some enthralling changes in sight. First off, it’s slightly smaller and much more understated than previous Rolls models, celebrating reduction and restraint in a very opulent way. 

Rolls-Royce Ghost Turns 114
Enthralling Changes Are In Sight As The Rolls-Royce Ghost Turns 114.

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Finely grained leather, real wood, metal accents, and thick carpet fill out the sumptuous interior. Tiny integrated LEDs simulate a starry sky and an illuminated dashboard inlay glows when the driver turns on the Ghost, adding to the romantic nighttime ambiance. Rear passengers are treated to countless luxuries, including massaging seats, a private entertainment system, and an abundance of legroom. 

The 6.6-liter V-12 engine with 563 horsepower runs nearly silently and offers near effortless acceleration, getting you from zero to 60 in 4.6 seconds. The optional Black Badge model provides an additional 40 hp. All versions have a top speed of 155 mph. 

A satellite-enabled gearbox connected to the engine uses GPS data to read the road to anticipate your driving needs, including shifting gears when needed. The Ghost’s incomparable suspension makes for an uber-comfortable ride. The sedan comes with a myriad of options, including an extended-wheelbase model that gives you extra legroom. 

2022 Rolls-Royce Ghost: The Ultimate Sedan of The Year.

The hood, of course, is topped with the iconic Spirit of Ecstasy ornament. Other luxury features include rear-hinged back passenger doors, options for a headliner that looks like a glowing star-filled night sky, and two 9.2-inch screens for rear passengers guests that allow them to control the car’s navigation, radio, and other infotainment remotely. 

As the Rolls-Royce Ghost turns 114, it continues to be a centerpiece for the Rolls-Royce brand, one that has earned the company thousands of customers over the years.

Car & Driver has called it the “world’s most notable symbol of extravagance and luxury” and said that for many it’s a “bold statement of wealth.” 

No doubt about it, driving around in a ghost commands attention wherever you go.

The 2022 Ghost Is Equipped With Breathtaking Tech Features That Are Both Luxurious and Innovative.

“Since the debut of Silver Ghost in 1907, the nameplate has set motoring and luxury standards in the automotive industry. They are a stamp of durability, too, as more than 70 percent of Rolls-Royce cars to have ever been commissioned continue to roam the roads today,” Car and Driver gushed recently.

“Rolls-Royce Ghost remains one of the most popular members of our family,” Martin Fritches, President of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Americas told media outlets. “No name has been more successful for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars over the past century and especially over the past 20 years, marking the Goodwood era. It’s fascinating to share how Rolls-Royce has evolved over the past century while at the same time, remaining true to its promise as the premier luxury brand in the world.” 

Other features we love about the modern Ghost:

The New Rolls-Royce Ghost is Better Than Ever. Performance. Innovation. Luxury.

• The illuminated grill emits a heavenly glow. The 2022 Rolls-Royce Ghost now has all-wheel drive and an optical road-reading suspension to adjust to road imperfections – delivering a divinely quiet and smooth ride.

• A large infotainment touchscreen – navigation and entertainment among its functions – is standard. An 18-speaker stereo system is also available to replace the car’s standard 16-speaker unit.

• Built on aluminum Rolls-Royce architecture the 2022 Ghost has all-wheel drive and all-wheel steering for unprecedented agility and performance. 

Rolls-Royce Ghost Turns 114 with
The Ghost is the Luxury Sedan You Need For Your Luxurious Lifestyle.

• Standard adaptive suspension with a road-scanning camera helps anticipate and compensate for potholes on this 2022 Rolls-Royce. 

• The hood, of course, is topped with the iconic Spirit of Ecstasy ornament. Stored within its iconic rear doors is the cherished Rolls-Royce umbrella – an emblem of Rolls-Royce style.

The Rolls-Royce Ghost turns 114, and there’s no better way to celebrate than to shop for a Rolls-Royce today. Visit our Rolls-Royce dealerships below.

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