The Veyron Grand Sport



The Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport combines the pioneering performance specs of the Veyron coupe with the alluring form of a roadster and takes the experience of open-top driving in a supercar into a new dimension. Whether you are cruising elegantly or pushing the car to the limits of its power, with speeds of up to 200mph with the roof down and 250mph with the roof up, you are guaranteed an absolutely thrilling driver experience and a powerful adrenaline rush as you reach 60mph in just 2.7 seconds.

Bugatti wanted to design a roadster that redefined the technical limits of automotive engineering while also appealing to connoisseurs of aesthetic design and lovers of unique cars. The designers combined their creative finesse with the technical expertise of the engineers to achieve a perfect balance of luxurious elegance and superlative technical performance. The Grand Sport only uses top-quality Napa leather that has been carefully processed to retain its natural breathability. Based on historic models, the leather seat covers have been quilted using a method that has been reinterpreted for use in a modern car. The pattern symbolizes an acceleration curve.

The unique structure of the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport made it especially challenging to design the removable roof module of the new version. Consequently, the monocoque was reinforced along the sills and transmission tunnel. At the end of all production, the form and function came together in perfect harmony creating the Bugatti Veyron.


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