Atelier Ferrari Allows You to Create the Highly Personalized Ferrari of Your Dreams!

Customize Your Ferrari Silicon Valley Car
Custom Order Your Ferrari

The Atelier Ferrari is a special studio that allows you to make your Ferrari even more personal and unique.

Ferrari Atelier studio
Customize Your Ferrari

It’s an exclusive, sophisticated space where you get to create the bespoke Ferrari of your dreams – with style and paint choices that match your personal vision.

Even future owners can customize everything from paint color and seat design to stitch patterns and finishes.

Here are the top four things you can expect when you participate in the Atelier program:

Detailed personal Ferrari customization. You can expect what Ferrari calls “One to One” personalization. You are at the center of the creative process and every decision is yours.

More than red.

Ferrari Customization
Ferrari Customization: Ferrari Portofino M from Silicon Valley

You may be familiar with the classic red “rossa corsa” Ferrari – the brand’s iconic color image. These days, a wide range of customized and alternative Ferrari colors have been added to the classic red. Atelier can in fact offer you a choice of at least 20 paint colors that can be blended and combined to produce a vast range of hue combinations. 

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It only happens at Ferrari.

Customize Your Ferrari with Atelier Ferrari
Customize Your Ferrari with Atelier Ferrari

With the Atelier program, direct consultation only takes place with a Ferrari company representative. Don’t be fooled by others trying to sell you Ferrari paint colors. Ferrari uses its own visual computer simulation to directly illustrate what your paint selection will look like on your Ferrari. This allows you to add your own touches to your car’s paint.

It’s really

Ferrari Atelier personalisation studio
Atelier Ferrari: Customize Your Car

Atelier pays close attention to the way your car’s interior design interplays with the exterior paint colors you are considering. This includes a comparison between the body paint and the wheel rims and even the brake calipers.

Keep in mind that Atelier represents the Ferrari brand. So specifications that are not consistent with the company’s 70-plus-year history will not be accommodated.

How is Atelier similar to the Ferrari Tailor Made program?

Ferrari Atelier personalisation leather
Ferrari Atelier Leather
  • Any exterior paint color can be applied to either a Tailor Made or Atelier build. A client can explore any of the 160-plus paint samples featured at the Ferrari New York Showroom. 
  • Likewise, the New York Atelier team can develop a livery or dream lines for the exterior. A livery alone does not make a car Tailor Made. 
  • In New York, there is a dedicated Specialist & Photoshop designer to guide every Tailor Made and Atelier client experience.

So how does the Tailor Made program work in contrast to Atelier?

First off, unlike Atelier, it’s limited to an exclusive selection of buyers – not all prospective buyers.

Ferrari Atelier Personalization launch
Ferrari Atelier Personalization

A team of Ferrari experts that includes a personal designer assists the buyer in creating a certain vision for their car. The team is there to help you, the customer, but is also responsible for upholding the prestige and traditions of the illustrious Ferrari brand.

Team members ensure that every element of your vehicle is unique.

You can travel to Italy

Customers who are part of the Tailor Made program can visit Tailor Made facilities in either Maranello or Shanghai. 

Here, you can sample different materials and choose the ones they prefer. The designer will interpret your wishes for your Ferrari and even showcase a virtual preview of the unique model. You also have access to three custom Ferrari collections from which you can draw inspiration.

Ferrari 296 GTB at Ferrari Silicon Valley
Ferrari 296 GTB at Ferrari Silicon Valley

Three collections are available as a starting point for the Tailor Made program, and each is closely connected to Ferrari’s DNA. They are: Scuderia, Classica and Inedita – reflect the sporting soul, the heritage and the innovation of the brand respectively.

Ferrari customers can then take inspiration from one or more of these collections, adapting the various elements according to their tastes. 

You are given maximum freedom of choice with regard to the combinations they use, enabling an unprecedented level of exclusivity to be achieved, with a range of new solutions and innovative materials to choose from – the result of continuous experimentation and the influence of new trends from outside the automotive industry.

Ferrari’s Tailor Made Program highlights:

• Provides an array of standard (homologated) leathers and Alcantara for the interior, along with offering several out-of-range, semi-aniline leather options. 

• The Configurator program is available to facilitate the design; however, in New York, there is also a dedicated Atelier Photoshop expert to enhance the build beyond the Configurator e.g. design liveries 

• Atelier is ideal for clients who want a degree of personalization and the opportunity to infuse their personality into a design, without requiring highly-specialized interior materials. 

Custom Order Your Car with Ferrari Atelier
Custom Order Your Car with Ferrari Atelier

• The essence of Tailor Made is the interior. A design is created around a concept, guided by the program’s three pillars: Classica, Scuderia & Inedita. 

• The program applies highly specialized, non-automotive materials. Some of the many examples include furniture leather, technical fabrics, luxury textiles, suiting, etc. These materials can be placed anywhere in the car, excluding homologated areas. Tailor Made also offers special seat patterns. 

• Photoshop is used entirely to design the car; there is no Configurator for Tailor Made. 

• Tailor Made clients typically have a great appreciation for all design, enjoy a very high level of unique, personalized products, and exhibit the willingness & patience to embark on a more involved design journey with Ferrari. 

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