Call it Kardashian Gray: The Reality Star Shells Out $100,000 to Paint Cars to Match Her Mansion

It might have to be re-named Kardashian Gray.

The paint color Kim Kardashian recently chose for her luxury cars is causing a giant stir in pop culture media.

That’s because she shelled out roughly $100,000 to paint three of her luxury cars – including a Lamborghini and a Rolls-Royce – a hue called “ghost gray” so the vehicles would match her mansion. The Skims founder hired an outfit called Platinum Motorsports in Los Angeles to carry out the work, sources told the media.

Kim Kardashian Paints Cars Grey to Match Her Mansion

The so-called “ghost gray” color is said to be a “very specific Rolls-Royce gray.” And it wasn’t easy: Each car took about a month to complete due to the fact that each of the vehicles had to be taken dis-assembled in order to be sprayed.

Among the three cars Kardashian had painted: a Lamborghini Urus and a Rolls-Royce Ghost.

Kim’s budget may be anything but austere but her aesthetic is quite clean. She loves to design her homes in neutral tones and keep in the interiors modern and simple. And now her cars match her abode!
In a new video for Vogue, the reality star gave a tour of clean-lined mega-home and also gave viewers a look at her newly painted vehicles. 

During the interview, she said, “I’ve always been a car girl, I love cars, and I really wanted something different. I wanted my cars to blend in with my house which is grey. So I did all grey cars, instead of my typical matte silver, which I used to do. I picked out my Lamborghini Urus with a kit on the front, Rolls-Royce Ghost with a crystal lady….I love everything about it.”

The Lamborghini, apparently, was the hardest to complete due to the intricate body kit on the front of the car. 

Kim Kardashian Paints Cars Grey

Car & Driver is reporting that according to research by PPG, Kardashian was right on trend because grayscale shades – ranging from white to black – make up 3/4ths of paint colors on vehicles sold in the United States. 

Furthermore, blue, the next most popular color, took up about 9 percent of market share. 

But you might notice that today’s automotive advertising is filled with brighter colors, a trend that has been making gains the past few years. 

audi Q8 dragon orange metallic

You might have admired the Audi Q8’s Dragon Orange Metallic. BMW’s compact M cars might catch your eye in Sao Paulo Yellow.

Lamborghini, of course, will allow you to customize any portion of their Huracán or Aventador with just about any color you choose. 

Or maybe an even rarer color is your thing. In fact, just about any color is possible thanks to Porsche’s Paint to Sample program. It will cost you thousands of dollars but you can choose from a catalog of old colors and apply any of them to your new Porsche. Even better: If you can’t find that exact hue, the people at Porsche will create a color custom. And it will cost you twice as much. But it can be done!

McLaren models custom colors

For that unusual buyer, Aston Martin and McLaren offer a wide selection of bold paint schemes, including bright lime yellow hues.

Need a custom car color that’s even more on the wild side?

Malaren Artura custom paint color

Car & Driver points to the bronzy palette of colors available for the McLaren 765LT. If you’re drawn to warmth you can choose Papaya Spark, which will attract eyeballs wherever you go. 

When it comes to stately elegance nothing beats a Bentley and with each passing year the available color schemes are becoming less staid. Think “light-blue Jetstream II Metallic” paint color for your exterior. You will create a buzz where every you go without sacrificing one ounce of luxury. 

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