The Advanced Age: A Look at the 2023 BMW 7’s Incredible Tech Features.

When it comes to luxury, performance, and sustainability – there’s plenty to feel good about with a BMW 7 series model.

And the 2023 BMW 7 tech features catapult the automotive world into an advanced age.

Among other things, the BMW 7 tech features offer a  31.3-inch rear seat screen, and a hands-free highway driving aid. Best of all, the sedan is available with a fully electric drivetrain.

The 7 Series has been revealed as a four-door chock full of new technology and new materials within an all new design. In fact, it is built upon a flexible vehicle architecture, which supports a host of powertrains. You can choose from conventional gasoline and diesel engines or plug-in hybrid systems. Or go fully electric with a model called the i7. 

BMW i7 Electric car
2023 BMW 7: Innovation at Its Finest.

Overall, the new 7 Series models are 5.1 inches longer,  a full 1.9 inches wider and 2.0 inches taller than earlier models and the wheelbase has been lengthened by 0.2-inch. So luggage capacity increases by nearly 1 cubic foot to 19.1 cubes. (With the i7 being slightly less roomy for luggage, offering 17.7 cubic feet of cargo space).

Learn how BMW is taking the automotive world by storm with innovative technology.

The interior is something to behold with the BMW 7 tech features.

BMW 7 series interior technology
BMW is Without a Doubt Taking Over the Automotive World with the New 2023 BMW 7.

Take, for instance, the scalloped dashboard, which is dominated by two screens mounted behind curved glass. A 12.3-inch panel acts as a digital instrument cluster. A larger 14.9-inch touchscreen contains other functions. 

But the feature that is causing the biggest stir in the automotive world is the 31.3-inch BMW Theater Screen. 

It’s an 8K touch-enabled screen that runs close to the entire width of the interior and actually folds down from the ceiling. It supports 16:9, 21:9, and 32:9 aspect ratios. And you can enjoy your favorite content via fully integrated Amazon Fire TV. 

Lower the big screen and the BMW 7 can automatically engage a theater mode. Lights automatically dim, seats recline and the rear sunshade goes up.

BMW 7 series interior screen
The 2023 BMW 7 Tech Features Brings New-Found Innovation to the Automotive World.

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To top it all off, vehicle sounds were composed just for BMW by Academy Award winner Hans Zimmer.

It sounds incredible through the optional 36-speaker, 1,965-watt Bowers & Wilkins sound system. But even if you don’t want to spring for that, an 18-speaker setup is standard.

Just as cool: the BMW Interaction Bar is a crystalline-faceted piece of trim that contains all the touch-sensitive controls for ventilation, the glovebox and hazard lights, among other things. 

BMW 7 series incredible sound
Every Inch of the BMW 7 was Designed with Precise Attention to Detail and Premium Quality.

Traditional air vents have also been replaced by thin slits that are almost invisible but work just as effectively as wider vents. 

The front area is just as fun.

Take, for instance, the BMW 7 tech features also include ventilated and massaging chairs that are available depending on the model you choose. (Rear seats are offered with these functions as well).

Opt for Executive Lounge and you enjoy a reclining function and a leg rest for the passenger side of the rear seats. 

But whether you go gasoline or electric, “[There] is no difference whatsoever in the seating comfort and space between the two drivetrains,” said Pieter Nota, member of the board of management at BMW.

BMW 7 series panoramic sky lounge
The BMW 7 Tech Features Include a One-of-a-Kind Panoramic Sky Lounge.

The Panoramic Sky Lounge LED roof is optional. This is a massive, fixed panel that features integrated LED threads. It creates a light show when entering the car, and the hues can also be customized depending on your mood.

Not surprisingly, this executive-level BMW includes plenty of advanced driver aids – such as lane-departure and forward-collision warning. The latter can also prevent crashes while at the same time independently making left-hand turns by automatically applying the brakes if oncoming traffic is detected. 

BMW 7series incredible suspension system
Parking Has Become Easier than Ever with BMW 7’s Automated Parking Feature.

Automated parking is another cornerstone technology of the BMW 7.

It not only uses other vehicles as guides, but it can also read lines and curbs for greater accuracy. 

This system allows you to maneuver into and out of parking spaces from outside the vehicle via the My BMW app, which also enables you to use your phone as a key. 

The new 7 Series also features an interior camera that lets you take snapshots or, again, through the My BMW app, look to see if you left something in the backseat. There’s even an antitheft recorder built right in.

In other words, the redefined BMW 7 tech features include everything you need, such as style, luxury, power, and poise. But most of all, incredible tech features.

With the buttery suspension, an uber-quiet cabin, and a host of luxury features, this next-level sedan proves to be the authority when it comes to everything BMW. 

BMW 7 series exterior
Style Driven. Luxury Driven. Power Driven.

The available M Sport Package sets your BMW apart with accents by BMW M, including an Aerodynamic Kit, exclusive trim, additional wheel options, and more. Conveniently connected apps with Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ compatibility are displayed on the 12.3″ Central Information Display. 

The advanced 48V mild-hybrid system, standard on all 540i models, delivers enhanced electric power and efficiency. While it has the sportiness of a BMW it also has the opulence of a limo. 

And, thanks to a bevy of standard and optional luxury features, it’s just about anything you need it to be. Being a BMW you have a host of powertrain options to choose from – ranging from the 320-hp inline-six to a beast-like twin-turbo V-12, life is good. And the drive is perfect. In fact, it’s so perfectly smooth and comfortable that you’ll emerge from a long drive feeling refreshed and relaxed. The BMW 7 brings the love. And your passengers will love it as much as you do. Starting at $86,800, the base model 740i x Drive can get you can get from zero to 60 in 4.6 seconds and reach a top speed of 155 mph. 

BMW 7 series performance
The BMW 7 Tech Features is Pure Luxury on Wheels.

But a comfortable cruise might be more your style once you hop inside and look around. With heated front seats and armrests, a heated steering wheel, and a built in dash cam, you might want to take your time getting where you are going and just enjoy the ride. 

Or you might just be in the mood for performance. The 2022 BMW 7 Series Sedan satisfies your every technological need – whether you’re on the road for a leisurely drive to work or heading out on an exciting weekend road trip. Whether you’re driving or letting someone else take the wheel.

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