Car Theft is on the Rise Nationwide: Protect Your Audi Today!

Audi Pure Protection

Is Audi Pure Protection Worth It?

You love your Audi – and you want to make sure nothing bad happens to it. But what if the worst happens and someone steals your ride? That might make you wonder: Is Audi Pure Protection Worth It?

Audi Pure Protection Theft Protection provides you and your Audi a theft-deterrent and identification product that helps minimize your losses in the event your vehicle is stolen.

Audi Pure Protection work

How Does Audi Pure Protection Work?

The Audi Pure Protection program includes distinctive theft-warning window decals used to deter theft and vehicle marked with traceable identification codes used to help identify the owner of a recovered vehicle

Additionally, you get up to $5,000 benefit if the theft-protection product fails to prevent the theft of the vehicle, and the vehicle is declared a total loss because either the vehicle is not recovered or it is recovered but damaged beyond reasonable repair (coverage and availability may vary by state)

Audi Pure Protection benefits

You also get:

  • Coverage for a full six years
  • Transferable for a $50 fee if you sell, or your lease is assumed by, your vehicle to a private party.

Audi Pure Protection is permanently installed on the covered vehicle and is therefore non-cancelable unless otherwise required by applicable law²⁸

Please note:

It works in all states except NY and does not apply to:

Audi Pure Protection stolen when unlocked
  • Vehicles stolen outside the United States, its territories, or Canada
  • Vehicles stolen when unlocked or with the keys inside
  • Vehicles stolen by family members or other people with access to the vehicle keys
  • Theft occurring prior to the Certificate purchase date
  • Theft resulting directly or indirectly from any dishonest, fraudulent, or criminal act

Simply contact your participating dealer to request additional information about the Audi Pure Protection Program.

Of course it’s important to take some other preventive steps in general towards protecting your car from theft.

Taking those steps will reduce the risk of having your vehicle broken into or stolen. 

Most new luxury vehicles on the market these days come with excellent safety features. 

Audi Pure Protection keep you safe

Such features are designed to keep you safe while on the road, but they can also reduce your risk of your car being stolen.

Ready to take that protection to the next level? Let’s look at some steps you can take:

  1. Always make sure you have your keys securely on you. Don’t drop them near your vehicle or leave them on the front seat.
  2. Don’t leave valuables on the front seat. This will draw a thief to your vehicle.
  3. Invest in items that make your vehicle look more secure. This could include something like a steering wheel lock.
Audi Pure Protection keys securely

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Want to go even further? The National Insurance Crime Bureau has created a layered approach to protecting your car in four areas: 

  1. Common sense
  2. Visible and audible devices
  3.   Immobilizing devices
  4. Tracking devices
Audi Pure Protection Visible and audible devices

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau you should look at:

1. Common sense. You wouldn’t believe the number of cars that are stolen each year simply because someone left the keys in the ignition with the doors unlocked. It still happens in 2022! So, always remove your keys from the ignition and lock those doors.  
Did you know that in some places it’s actually illegal to leave a vehicle unattended with the keys in the ignition.  

2. Don’t leave keys ANYWHERE in the car or even hide them on the outside. Thieves can and will find them.  

3.  Always park in well-lit streets and parking lots. You can make your car even more secure by backing your car into a parking space or driveway to make it more visible to passersby and harder for the thief to work under the hood without being spotted by law-abiding citizens. 

Audi Pure Protection park well

Other anti-car theft quick tips:

  • Remember to roll up your windows completely.
  • Avoid leaving your car in parking lots for longer than necessary.
  • Keep your valuable out of site. That means cell phones, purses and wallets.
  • In certain cities, a steering wheel lock is a good idea and will indeed deter thieves.

Last, and maybe most importantly, if you see a thief making his way into your car, dial 9-1-1 but don’t approach the criminal. Safety comes first. Always. 

Finally, you might also consider investing in an immobilizing devices. These devices act by shutting off your car’s electrical or fuel supply. If the criminal can’t actually drive a way with the car there’s going to be no car theft.

Audi Pure Protection dial 9-1-1

You can also buy a tracking device for your vehicle that allows police to track down your car and recover it quickly.

Don’t try to do this yourself.

Contact our Audi Dealers to ask about the Audi Pure Protection.

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