McLaren Customer Racing Will Make You Feel Like an F1 Racecar Driver

McLaren Customer Racing
McLaren Customer Racing: One-of-a-kind driving thrill. | Photo credit: McLaren

McLaren cars are designed to be driven. To be raced. And McLaren Customer Racing gives owners the chance to compete on some of the world’s greatest circuits.

With McLaren Customer Racing, you have the chance to fulfill your dream of being an F1 race car driver while unlocking the full potential of McLaren cars on the grounds of their home – the racetrack.

Renowned for producing innovative racing supercars, McLaren is best known as a Formula One constructor and has won over 180 races. And now you can be a part of McLaren racing history through the Customer Racing program

McLaren Customer Racing
This unique customer experience will turn you into the F1 driver you always dreamed of becoming. | Photo credit: McLaren

This one-of-a-kind customer experience gives owners the opportunity to challenge fellow drivers, gain insights from authentic race series encounters, and refine their skills within an unfiltered, competitive setting.

Be driven by the same relentless spirit that drives McLaren. To be the fastest.

So without further adieu, here are some of the models that take part in this customer experience.

McLaren Customer Racing
Prepare to experience McLaren cars like never before. | Photo credit: McLaren

Each model has been designed and developed with one simple purpose. To win.

And you be the winner.

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McLaren 720S GT3 EVO

Born on the track, the McLaren 720S GT3 was the first GT model designed and built in-house by McLaren Customer Racing and is based on the highly acclaimed 720S from the Super Series. The 720S GT3 continues to bring passion, thrill, and power to the track as the 720S GT3 EVO. Customers that race have the honor of experiencing improved aerodynamic performance with more overall downforce.

McLaren Customer Racing
McLaren 720S GT3 EVO: Built for the track. | Photo credit: McLaren

The 720S GT3 EVO was designed to shift the overall balance forwards and improve the car’s performance, making it more consistent in traffic. Prepare for an extended range of suspension adjustability and enhanced serviceability, alongside increased robustness in wheel-to-wheel contact for on-track performance.

McLaren 720S GT3X

You can also exceed the impossible with the McLaren 720S GT3X. A comprehensive testing regimen has rigorously evaluated the capabilities of the 720S GT3X across challenging racetracks. The vehicle incorporates the GT3 aero package complemented by an optimized cooling system and an enhanced powertrain. Its performance not only meets but also surpasses all the project’s predefined expectations.

McLaren Customer Racing
720S GT3X was built for McLaren Customer Racing: Powerful. Luxurious. Track ready. | Photo credit: McLaren

In short, the 720S GT3 stands as the pinnacle of design and development for track performance, building upon the foundation of the 720S platform.

Unleashing the full potential, a race-prepared iteration of the M840T 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine incorporates upgrades and enhancements that deliver a substantial power surge compared to the 720S GT3.

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Artura GT4

Artura GT4
GT4 represents a significant step up from the outgoing 570S GT4. | Photo credit: McLaren

Based on the revolutionary new McLaren Artura road car, the new GT4 represents a significant step up from the outgoing 570S GT4, itself a hugely successful competition car that has achieved many race and championship wins with McLaren customer racing teams. With an unwavering dedication to delivering unparalleled driver engagement for both amateurs and professionals, the New Artura GT4 establishes groundbreaking benchmarks within the GT4 class.

Drawing inspiration from motorsport, this chassis design and construction serve as the perfect foundation for a race car. The rigid structure not only offers a broader setup range for the driver but also ensures a resilient and exceptionally secure driving environment.

Artura GT4
Artura GT4 impresses on international competitive debut at Daytona earlier this year. | Photo credit: McLaren

The Artura GT4 also comes with a compact and power-dense V6 powertrain which is both lighter and more fuel efficient than the previous GT4 V8, with improved throttle response.

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And the ultimate racing challenge takes the form of McLaren Trophy.

“The McLaren Trophy is designed to put the amateur driver first and while professional drivers will be part of all driver pairings in the top Artura Trophy class, the Bronze-rated drivers will compete for the overall championship. The entry includes several established names from GT racing, who will be challenging for race victories alongside their team-mates,” explains McLaren. 

McLaren Customer Racing
The ultimate driving test: McLaren Trophy. | Photo credit: McLaren

McLaren Trophy, Europe is an all-new single-make championship where drivers compete in identical vehicles emphasizing the essence of pure driving expertise.

Featuring 50-minute races and a structure that spotlights the pivotal role of the Bronze driver, McLaren Trophy, Europe stands as the ultimate testing ground for every determined Bronze racer.

So how can you be a part of McLaren Customer Racing?

You can inquire about this unique customer experience directly through the official McLaren site. Or you can also contact a local retailer. Thus you can contact one of our participating dealers: McLaren Houston.

McLaren Trophy
Contact us today to inquire about this one-of-a-kind customer experience. | Photo credit: McLaren

So, join in on all the track thrill and fulfill your craving of being an F1 driver. Contact our McLaren dealership to inquire about this experience.

Feel like you’re on the track every day with McLaren on your side. Shop our latest inventory below.

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