Now You Can Have Your Own Fantasy Bond Car with Electric Shock Door Handles

Electric Shock Door Handles on an Aston Martin? Really?

It may be the ultimate real-life Bond Car.

A US company has unveiled a new fully armored version of the Aston Martin Vantage that may be just as tough as the DB5 driven by 007.

AddArmor by Quality Coachworks is bringing a Bond-esque Vantage within reach of your average multi-millionaire by introducing a fully armored version of the high-performance grand tourer designed to appeal to your inner spy.

Aston Martin exterior full

AddArmor, a company founded by a team of former law enforcement and special operations personnel, has in the past created fortified Cadillacs and Mercedes-Benz vans.

Now it’s offering an ultra-fortified Aston Martin Vantage, complete with bulletproof glass windshield and windows that can stop rounds as strong as a .44 magnum and .357 magnum.

Not bad!

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Aston Martin back

It also has an armored firewall fashioned from the company’s special blend of composite materials and super-thick reinforced doors.

And the cappers: A blast-resistant hardened steel on the roof and a fuel tank that can protect its contents.

Aston Martin launch

The beefy Aston also includes other high-tech gadgetry worthy of Bond himself.

The armored Aston Martin Vantage actually comes with electric-shocking door handles that can zap a bad guy trying to get into your car. The package also includes tamper-proof exhaust and run-flat tires.

This is one serious spy mobile.

Despite all the added fortifications, the Vantage coupe is still relatively light in weight.

In fact, the protective gear only adds about 450 pounds to its body. The suspension was adjusted to make up for the increased load.

Aston Martin grey exterior

The standard version of the latest Vantage sports a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V-8 engine paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission. There’s also a V-12 variant if you need even more power.

Pricing for the fortified package starts at $32,500, according to AddArmor.

Maybe just a “regular” 2022 Aston Martin Vantage is more your speed?

Well, it’s incredibly quick with plenty of handling and enjoyment for you, the driver. It is, after all, the epitome of a driver’s car – even with electric-shock doors.

Engineers at Aston Martin sought out the ideal foundation for the new Vantage, crafting its frame from lightweight, bonded aluminum. The inherent sports agility comes from its compact dimension and lightweight with near-perfect 50:50 weight distribution.

Aston Martin riding

A rigid subframe within this backbone delivers enhanced stability for the suspension you expect in a great car. The overwhelming result is beautifully responsive control behind the wheel; car and driver connect symbiotically to deliver perfect excitement and dynamic drivability. A 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine lays at its heart, delivering impressive acceleration – zero to 60 in just 4.4 seconds and a speed of up to 195 mph.

Ever since the nameplate launched in the 1950s as an upgrade to the DB2, Vantage has been synonymous with performance, becoming Aston Martin’s flagship sports car, one of the great Aston Martins appearing in various James Bond films. While the Vantage’s exterior design has enjoyed significant advancements since first being driven by 007, echoes of the magnificent bloodline can still be seen in its refined exterior. Inside, the distinctive cockpit, the feel is one of absolute focus and functionality. A lower driving position creates a more immersive experience, intimately connecting the driver with the car and the road. So whether you’re going for the regular Vantage or an armored-up experience expect raw athleticism and an enticing performance. Raw and instinctual. Always. Starting at $142,086.

No matter which Aston Martin you choose, you will be in good company.

Aston Martin full view
Aston Martin principal panel

No Time to Die actually features two legendary Aston Martins from James Bond’s past – the DB5 and the V8 Saloon.

And it will feature the 2021 Aston Martin DBS Superleggera. The latter is a concept car.We’re sure they all have shocking door handles!

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