The Bentley Continental GT S is Shaking Up the Auto Industry

Continental GT S
Continental GT S named ‘Car of The Year’ by Robb Report. | Photo credit: Bentley

The Robb Report has crowned the Continental GT S range ‘Car of the Year.’

At the conclusion of the two-part test with the coupe and convertible, held in California and Florida respectively in late 2022, the Bentley Continental GT S topped the field of more than 10 cars to win ‘Robb Report’s Car of the Year.’

More than 175 readers and judges of the esteemed magazine, along with its exceptional editorial staff, evaluated cars in five unique categories – looks, performance, luxury and comfort, utility, and intangible tiebreakers such as ‘wow-factor’ and collectability. 

Bentley Continental GT S
The Continental GT S exudes sporting attitude. | Photo credit: Bentley

“It’s fitting that both the Continental GT model and Robb Report’s Car of the Year are celebrating 20th anniversaries, as each has become benchmarks in their own right,” says Paul Croughton, Editor in Chief of Robb Report. “That Bentley has taken our top honor two years in a row reflects its commitment to excellence and our readership’s knowledge and experience with the finest cars in the world.”

The result is the fourth overall win for Bentley since the contest’s inception, each year highlighting the Continental; the other accolades include the Continental GT in 2004, followed by the GT Convertible in 2007, and GT Speed in 2022.

Bentley Continental GT S
This is a grand tourer with a bold, uncompromising edge. | Photo credit: Bentley

“Twenty years since its launch, Bentley’s Continental family continues to define the pinnacle of the Grand Touring segment,” Adrian Hallmark, Chairman and CEO of Bentley Motors, states. “Consecutive wins for different models of Continental GT with Robb Report’s decisive Car of the Year judging is testament to the strength of the family, and the character and performance of the new S range. Extraordinary cars like these, independently recognized as being the best in the world, are at the core of Bentley’s record performance in 2022 despite so much turbulence in the industry.”

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Announced in mid-2022, the GT S range showcases several enhancements to the exterior design, interior specification, and dynamic system.

The new Continental GT S range adjusts the Bentley grand touring recipe to center on the pleasure of driving – an opposing yet complementary emphasis to the “Well-being behind the Wheel” concept of the comfort-centric Azure range launch.

The S range is instantly recognizable due to the high-contrast dark exterior detailing offering a sleek, and striking take on the Continental GT. 

Bentley Continental interior
Step inside and you will see the ‘S’ emblem engraved into the metal surface of the interior treadplates.| Photo credit: Bentley

The lighter 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine gives the GT S models an explosive and sporting character amplified by Bentley Dynamic Ride – the advanced 48V electric active anti-roll control system first pioneered by Bentley. 

The GT S brings attitude, agility, and depth to the grand touring recipe of the Continental GT, the magazine stated.

“This car is still king of the hill”, said Mark Newman, RR1 Judge. “It has looks, power, and comfort. You can drive it every day – and everywhere – and never be bored.”

The combination of striking design, performance, and agility gives the Continental GTC S and GT S strong appeal for all those who love powerful, extrovert performance cars.

Bentley Continental for sale
The chrome finish on the exterior details known as brightware has been replaced with gloss black. | Photo credit: Bentley

Bentley Motors is among the most sought-after luxury car brands in the world. 

The award comes just as Bentley is announcing the exciting new 2024 Bentley Continental GT S.

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Among the features that make this Grand Tourer one of the greatest cars in the world:

luxury car for sale
In Sport mode, the car doesn’t just feel more exciting – it sounds truly incredible. | Photo credit: Bentley
  1. LUXURY AND PERFORMANCE. The 2024 Bentley Continental GT S presents an unparalleled opportunity to create a unique grand tourer. It is powered by a twin-turbocharged 4.0 liter V8 engine, with the power to propel the car to a top speed of 198 mph.
  2. EXTERIOR CHOICES. You can choose from an enormous number of exterior colors – from the standard paint range to the extended range and the Mulliner range. Alternative wheel designs include a 22” black painted option, plus a 22” version finished in striking Pale Brodgar Satin.
  3. STUNNING INTERIOR. For the interior surfaces, there is a wide range of veneers to choose from, including traditional gloss and contemporary open pore wood, alongside technical finishes such as Dark Tint Engine Turned Aluminium. You can even opt for the silky finish of Piano Linen gloss paint on the fascia and waist rails. 
  4. AN EVEN LOUDER ROAR. In Sport mode, the car doesn’t just feel more exciting – it sounds truly incredible. That’s because it optimizes the Sports Exhaust to deliver the ultimate V8 roar when you put your foot down.
  5. SUPREME CORNERING STABILITY. The Continental GT S comes fitted with Bentley Dynamic Ride, Bentley’s innovative 48-volt electronic anti-roll system, designed to enhance stability when cornering, without compromising overall ride quality. 
  6. ALL-WHEEL DRIVE WHEN YOU NEED IT. Active all-wheel drive gives you all the control you enjoy in a primarily rear-wheel drive car – alongside the facility to automatically switch to all-wheel drive, the moment the system detects a drop in traction beneath any of the wheels.
  7. FUEL EFFICIENCY MAXIMIZED. In situations when the car’s full power is not required, half of the cylinders in the engine can shut off automatically, only to re-engage instantaneously when you choose to accelerate.
luxury car for sale
Inquire about this luxury Grand Tourer today. | Photo credit: Bentley

Drive in style. Rule the road. Choose the Bentley Continental GT S.

Check out our latest Bentley inventory below.

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