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Need an Excuse to Visit Italy? We Have You Covered – Finali Mondiali is Just Around the Corner and You Can’t Miss It!

Ferrari Mondiali
Ferrari Mondiali 2023 set to take place in Italy later this year. | Photo credit: Ferrari

Finali Mondiali 2023 may serve as the perfect excuse to take a last-minute trip to Italy to take in the beauty of Ferrari and the Tuscan hills.

The Finali Mondiali 2023 will be the largest annual gathering of Ferraris, and thus a veritable feast for the eyes, ears, and hearts of those who revere The Prancing Horse. It is the final event of the Ferrari racing (and non-racing) season.

This annual event is where Ferrari’s various motorsport championships culminate in a grand celebration. It typically includes the final races of the Ferrari Challenge series from different regions, F1 Clienti, and XX Programmes, showcasing the skills of both professional and amateur drivers.

The event also features exhibitions, demonstrations, and entertainment, making it a significant gathering for Ferrari enthusiasts and motorsport fans alike.

Ferrari Mondiali 2023
It’s official! Book your trip to Italy. Mondiali 2023 set to take place in Mugello Circuit. | Photo credit: Ferrari

And for 2023, the Mugello Circuit will host the Finali Mondiali Ferrari from 24 to 30 October. This world-class track is situated in the hills north of Florence in Maranello, home to Ferrari’s factory and museum, and it allows fans of the Italian marque to celebrate the end of the racing season in remarkable fashion.

The victor of this year’s Finali Mondiali remains a question.

But one thing is certain- your trip to Florence.

Ferrari Mondiali 2023
This world-class finale is the ultimate destination for Ferrari enthusiasts. | Photo credit: Ferrari

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Here’s everything you need to know as you prepare to experience Finali Mondiali 2023.

Ferrari Challenge

Since 1993, the Ferrari Challenge has stood as the preeminent single-marque championship, uniting iconic dream cars with esteemed clients on some of the world’s most breathtaking tracks.

Ferrari Challenge
Ferrari Challenge is the most renowned single-marque championship. | Photo credit: Ferrari

This competition was designed for individuals who possess a yearning beyond mere road drives in their Ferraris. In short, it offers an avenue to engage in high-level sprint races. This challenge is divided into two continental series: Europe and North America. In 2019, an additional UK series was introduced, and in 2023, the Japanese series followed.

Each series has four main categories: Trofeo Pirelli, Trofeo Pirelli Am, Coppa Shell, and Coppa Shell Am – classifying drivers according to their competitive prowess. As a result, there are four winners in each race.

The last Europe race before the Mugello Finali Mondiali 2023 will take place September 15- 17 at Circuit of Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium. The last straw of Challenge North America will be held in Wisconsin at Road America on September 6-10. Challenge Japan concluded in Murata Japana at Sugo racetrack on August 5- 6, with Yudai Uchida winning first place in race 1 and Kazuyuki Yamaguchi taking the victory in race 2.

Ferrari Challenge
This exclusive series can be dated back to 1993. | Photo credit: Ferrari

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F1 Clienti

F1 Clienti
Ferrari Mondiali gives enthusiasts the ultimate Ferrari experience by allowing owners to pilot on the racetrack. | Photo credit: Ferrari

F1 Clienti offers a unique opportunity to a select group of enthusiasts to buy Formula 1 single-seaters previously raced by Scuderia Ferrari in past seasons. These vehicles span championships from twenty, thirty, and even forty years ago, granting owners the privilege to not only own but also pilot them on the racetrack.

On the track, participants experience unparalleled thrill. Off the track, memorable experiences that only Ferrari can create, with staff on hand for your every need.

The last race took place on September 3 at Silverstone Circuit in the UK before the grand finale at Mugello Circuit this October. Carl Cavers triumphed in the Trofeo Pirelli while Chris Smith crossed the line first in the Coppa Shell.

XX Programmes

Ferrari mondiali 2023
This is a research and development program promoted by Ferrari to test technologies  for the best driving experience. | Photo credit: Ferrari

This exclusive program brings exceptionally unique cars to the track during exclusive private events as a result of meticulous technological research, directed and supervised by Ferrari engineers. Through continuous data collection, these engineers chart a course for the creation of solutions that will subsequently be integrated into production vehicles by Ferrari.

Flawless coordination, unmatched service, and coaching from former Formula 1 drivers Marc Gené and Olivier Beretta are a few facets that elevate F1 Clienti and the XX Programme to a position of unmatched superiority within the automotive realm.

Ferrari Mondiali
Book your Mondiali 2023 tickets starting September 25th through one of our retailers. | Photo credit: Ferrari

Secure your flight to Italy and get your tickets to Finali Mondiali 2023 today.

You can book tickets/packages directly on the MyFerrari App or contact one of our Ferrari dealerships below for assistance. Note: Our retailers can only book tickets after September 25th.

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