Discovering The Art of Land Rover’s Latest Technological Features


There’s nothing about Land Rover that we don’t find impressive. Their innovative technology is always top notch and keeps drivers and passengers at ease in the simplest of ways. Life is truly easier when behind the wheel of a Land Rover.


Recently, cutting-edge convenience technology was introduced to the market by Land Rover. An innovative app called Tile is one of the many state-of-the-art technologies designed to make life easier for Land Rover owners. Thanks to the Tile app, bags, wallets, or keys will never be left behind in a rush ever again. This Tile app is the first app to be able to tag tiny Bluetooth trackers to items that are important to the owner of the Land Rover. Using smartphone technology, the tags can be used to monitor the whereabouts of the item. Exciting right? Once the app is initiated using Land Rover’s InControl Touch Pro’s touchscreen, customers are alerted if the tagged items are not in the vehicle and are even able to get on-screen directions to the item’s last known location. The InControl Apps are designed to enhance infotainment capabilities and create an out-of-this-world experience for everyone in the Land Rover.


Interested in testing out Land Rover’s latest innovative technologies? We welcome you to visit us at indiGO Auto Group’s Land Rover Rancho Mirage on the Desert European Motorcars Campus.



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