The Ferrari 296 GTB is Legendary – and a New Film Shot in Partnership with Apple Captures its Greatness

Ferrari 296 GTB for sale
Ferrari 296 GTB | Ferrari

The crescendo of the new Ferrari film, “La Prova” features Ferrari’s latest Berlinetta, the hybrid-engined Ferrari 296 GTB.

The Ferrari 296 GTB is, in fact, the perfect blending of classic and modern. The 296 GTB is a mid-engine performance vehicle that’s ready for the track while also offering innovative driver-centric technology to ensure your day-to-day drive is engaging, comfortable and luxurious. It’s a hybrid supercar that represents a new era for Ferrari, an exotic for the age of electricity.

The 296 GTB, which stands for Gran Turismo Berlinetta, is powered by a mid-mounted V6 engine and an electric motor paired with an eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. Together, the motors create a combined 819 horsepower.

Ferrari 296 GTB interior
The 296 GTB’s interior redefines the face of the digital era. The supercar’s cabin is built around the full digital-interface introduced on the SF90 Stradale. | Ferrari

The car’s elegant bodywork and modern, tailored cabin make it a head-turning automotive work of art for the ages. It’s the latest version of the company’s mid-rear-engined two-seater sports Berlinetta concept. And it’s the first Ferrari-badged road car powered by a 6-cylinder engine. The 296 GTB’s V-6 is coupled with a plug-in (PHEV) electric motor in order to optimize performance and efficiency. It’s all about power and excitement, perfect for day-to-day driving and maximum performance as you speed up that mountain highway.

Expect a visceral, powerful, and most of all fun driving experience. Inside, the 296 GTB features a curved 16-inch gauge cluster along with a heads-up display. You can get from zero to 60 in just 2.9 seconds and reach a searing top speed of 205 mph. The 296 GTB è il migliore! You’ll love the way it looks – and the way you look driving it. Starting at an estimated $321,400.

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All the features we love:

Ferrari 296 GTB for sale
This Ferrari defines fun to drive, offering pure excitement every mile you drive in its luxury atmosphere. | Ferrari
  • The Ferrari 296 GTB defines driving fun and excitement, whether you are curving your way up a mountainside or just running to the bank.
  • The Ferrari 296 Gran Turismo Berlinetta (GTB) offers an adrenaline-pumping performance along with incredible beauty inside and out.
  • The 296 GTB is powered by a turbocharged V-6 and plug-in-hybrid system.
  • The two motors produce a combined 819 horsepower that is sent to the rear wheels through an eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. 
  • Sculptural bodywork and a modern, stylish cabin ensure that this car is a classic automotive work of art. 
  • The 296 GTB redefines the identity of Ferrari’s mid-rear-engined Berlinetta, but with a shorter wheelbase and a compact and modern line that has plenty of muscle.  
  • Carbon-fiber wheels and carbon-fiber Daytona seats are optional.
  • The GTB can drive on electricity alone thanks to its 6.0-kWh battery pack.
  • Expect a visceral, powerful, and fun driving experience. 
  • Electrically assisted power steering and a brake-by-wire system are just two of the incredible features that make this a great car.
        Ferrari 296 GTB specs
        Compactness and modernity. The 296 GTB redefines the identity of the Italian brand giving the car a compact, modern, and original line. | Ferrari

        And it’s featured in a new film Ferrari lovers won’t want to miss.

        Seventy five years of the Italian automaker’s history and evolution are represented on film as three classic Ferraris from three different eras shot in a highly unusual way. 

        Directed and written by Frank Liew, a filmmaker and Ferrari-lover based in Hong Kong, “La Prova” (or “The Test) was shot in the summer of 2022 without the aid of professional movie cameras.

        Instead, according to Ferrari, Apple provided five iPhones which were then put through a rigorous filming schedule, from being strapped to a compact, manually operated crane on the back of a truck to being strapped to numerous drones for some of the aerial shots. It’s nearly impossible to tell that the film was shot on anything less than a cinematic camera because the result is a grand, sweeping, and gorgeous film.

        Ferraris are not a new world for Liew, who also imports the Italian sports cars into Hong Kong via his role as Chief Marketing Officer for Blackbird Concessionaires

        Ferrari 296 GTB top speed
        The 296 GTB has a range of new components including the TMA actuator and 6w-CDS body censor. | Ferrari

        La Prova is an automotive love story with Ferraris at the center of it. The film tells the story of a young, Ferrari-obsessed artist who finds a connection to his father through a love of his father’s 250 GT SWB Berlinetta, a Testarossa, and at the end, the latest 296 GTB.

        The riveting film is set against an original music score by London-based genre-splicing music producer Miink. Apple iPhones were used in place of traditional cameras throughout the shoot and cars were represented from every angle

        Liew notes that he was keen to showcase the history of Ferrari in all its glory. “La Prova speaks of a reverence to lessons learned from the past, yet looks forward to what the future brings. All values that I think are also passed from generation to generation at Ferrari, a brand which stands on the shoulders of giants after 75 years of being the best in its field.”

        Ferrari 296 GTB interior
        The short film, La Prova, perfectly captures the beauty of the 296 GTB inside and out. | Ferrari

        To all Ferrari owners: Be sure to ask us about the Ferrari Premium Classiche Program for Older Cars

        In terms of the final car driven in the film, the Ferrari 296 GTB, Frank was particularly animated as he described it.

        “The 296 GTB, in my eyes, truly represents one of the biggest leaps in technological advancements for the brand and is a car that I think is destined to become a future classic. 

        “As the first of its kind powered by a smaller hybrid engine, it packs a ton of cutting-edge technology yet features so many beautiful design cues from past iconic models. When I first saw and then had the privilege of experiencing the car at Fiorano, my ultimate takeaway was that this is a car that had learned all of the lessons of its predecessors. A truly remarkable piece of engineering and art.”

        Some equipment was 3D printed for use on the shoot, during which other members of the crew were encouraged to share ideas for using the iPhone to best film the cars

        Super car for sale
        A new way to interact with your car. This supercar offers unprecedented technology to experience your Ferrari like never before. | Ferrari

        While the filming was unusual in that it lacked the large camera equipment seen on a big-budget project, Frank was in no doubt the ‘phone-only’ experience added to the finished movie. 

        “One great thing about the filming process was that because everyone is so comfortable using a phone it led to a very cooperative environment during location visits. Almost everyone has an iPhone – so everyone involved on the team would have ideas about cool or interesting ways we could capture the action,” he explains. 

        Each of the cars in the film, he noted, was an icon of its specific era.“I can honestly say the only downside was that the two older cars had no air conditioning. One day, I swore I got sunburnt just on my finger as I waited in the Testarossa for a take! You miss the creature comforts, but then you remember that you’re capturing priceless pieces of automotive art, both beautifully restored to factory conditions, and that makes it all worthwhile.”

        Ferrari for sale
        Discover the true definition of driving pleasure when you get your hands on the 296 GTB. | Ferrari

        The entire project was achieved within Apple’s ecosystem – from pre-production, to filming, to editing the project. Even AirPods Max were used for audio monitoring. Ferrari and Apple proved to be a match made in heaven, the director noted.

        “Ferrari has always been known to push the boundaries of what was known to be possible – and delivering a project like this, showing people the real potential of what they thought was the limit, is very similar to the way Ferrari approaches their own product development.”

        Interested in the new Ferrari 296 GTB? Visit our Ferrari dealership for a one-of-a-kind car-buying experience.

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