From Bedazzled Seats to Neon Paint – the 2021 Configurator Gives Bentley Customers Limitless Customization

You’re considering a custom Bentley and all that entails – not the least of which is the limitless customization options.  Who can forget Paris Hilton’s custom Barbie Doll pink Bentley with bedazzled seats? Or the time Jennifer Lopez took her kids to the pumpkin patch in her special white Bentley convertible?

From bedazzled seats to neon colors, Bentley will meet your every whim when it comes to helping you to design the uber personalized Bentley of your dreams.  In fact, Bentley offers a huge range of custom options for everything from its Flying Spur and Continental GT to the Bentayga.  Why not reach out to our Bentley dealership today and let us help you begin your Bentley customization journey?

Those who want to make their luxury grand tourer really eye-catching turn to the Bentley Mulliner bespoke division, which offers unique features and finishes from stone veneer and three-dimensional wood trim to just about any custom color. All you have to do to commission the Bentley of your dream is to connect to the Mulliner Visualizer
The digital application allows Bentley customers to view images of bespoke details that will set their Bentley apart from all the other Bentleys on the road. There simply will not be another Bentley like yours on the planet depending on how custom you want to go. 

Working with the visualizer you can choose custom veneer, leather, and stitching and work directly with retailers or remotely if you so choose. As many as three different bespoke colors can be combined to create an unusual interior design. The visualizer will create images of the design so you get a feel for what you are ordering. You can also match a bespoke main leather color or use the technology to generate a reference code that is sent directly Bentley Mulliner’s design and crafts team.  Exterior paint can be elegant or out of this world depending on your whims and what you choose. Mulliner gives you 26 additional exterior paint colors. Of those, some 15 are solid and metallic options, four are satin finishes, and seven are considered pearlescent three-layer paints. 

Still need more? The Bentley team can match just about any color sample you give them thanks to special software that analyzes the composition of your special and reproduces it.  At that point, you could even carry that color over into the interior of your Bentley.  The veneers are of course sanded before being lacquered and meticulously painted by hand by the Bentley team of craftspeople. 
The final touch is a polish with lamb’s wool to create a mirror-like finish.

Nothing but the best at Bentley. Whether it’s a Flying Spur, Continental, or Bentayga all you have to do is click on the configurator to start your journey. Options for Bentley Custom Cars seem endless because they really are. They include paints, hides, and veneers of course but also:· Wheels· All Interior Details· Optional Equipment such as refrigerators· Stereos· Clocks· Steering wheels· And more accessories than you can imagine!  Bentley offers peerless quality and perfection in its craftsmanship. We will walk you through it all via a highly personal consultation process. 

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