What Should You Do If You Hit a Pothole In Your Luxury Car?

What Should You Do If You Hit a Pothole In Your Luxury Car

It’s the worst of the worst: you feel that familiar jolt and cringe as you realize you’ve hit a big fat pothole.

If you drive a Ford F150 it might just be a tiny annoyance.

If you drive a Lamborghini it could mean a trip to your trusted mechanic.

That’s because your average car or truck can run over a pothole with little care for a costly repair.

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But these same potholes can also do some serious damage to a sedan or sportscar, which is of particular concern if you drive a luxury car such as the aforementioned Lambo or a Porsche 911 or an Aston Martin.

That’s right: potholes can be harmful and even dangerous. If you hit a pothole hard and you or a passenger bounce up and hit the top of the car or a roll bar, you can be seriously injured.

And the most dangerous part is that from a distance you might not even see a pothole!

To add insult to injury if you hit a pothole at a good clip it can damage your tires and cause negative issues with your shocks and suspension.

If your ride or handling changes for the worse, there could be a critical issue that has resulted. So it’s important to get to your mechanic or dealership quickly.

Porsche wheels

Here are some ways you can prevent pothole damage:

-Keep an eye out for potholes. If it’s not a perfectly paved road you can usually spot them up ahead. At that point, be sure to slow down as you pass over or beside it. If you hit a pothole at a reduced speed you can also reduce any potential damage or avoid it altogether.

-Always try to avoid potholes altogether if you can. You can do this by straddling the hole or driving around it (not always possible if there is oncoming traffic so at the very least try to slow down).

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Other problems that can be caused by potholes include:

Punctured Tire and Wear Tread

If you hit a pothole you can experience excessive wear to your tire or you might get a puncture or leak. Take immediate action and get your car seen that same day if possible. 

Wheel Damage

If you hit a pothole the rims of your tires can become bent or dented. This can cause a real issue between the tire and the edge of the wheel that can further exacerbate air leaks and flat tires.


That force can shift to the suspension system and damage springs and shock absorbers.


You might experience steering problems after hitting a pothole directly. That can be from misalignment. This impacts safety and requires swift attention from a mechanic.

Luxury Car Tires and Alignment


You might notice leakage beneath your car after hitting a pothole. That means your car’s chassis or undercarriage may have been damaged. Get it in for repairs immediately.

And, finally, the best thing you can do to avoid all of this pothole mess is to drive attentively, especially at night. Try to steer clear of potholes and watch for water and ice on the road as well. Potholes can be filled with these things making them extra hazardous. 

Another threat caused by potholes: Accidents.

pothole In Your Luxury Car

You might panic when you see a big pothole and swerve to avoid it, putting you in the path of oncoming cars. Hitting one can actually send your car in a direction you don’t mean to drive, risking you losing control and hitting something else, including a car or a tree. 

Potholes are a major road hazard. So, again, always reduce your speed when you see one. And, as much as it is possible, try to avoid a direct strike to one so you don’t damage your car or get stuck in one.

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