indiGO Auto Group’s New Porsche Dealer in Sugar Land Becomes the First Low Carbon Concrete Placement in Texas

Porsche Cayenne for sale
Low carbon concrete placed at Porsche Sugar Land. | Credit: Photography © indiGO Auto Group/Hernan Ruiz

indiGO Auto Group’s new Porsche Sugar Land dealer is a beacon for the future of sustainable construction as it becomes the first low carbon concrete placement in Texas.

indiGO Auto Group worked with Terra CO2 Technology for the incorporation of Terra’s OPUS Supplementary Cementitious Material (SCM) – a scalable low-carbon alternative for cement production – on the grounds of Porsche Sugar Land.

Terra CO2 is a team of experts deeply decarbonizing the concrete industry. They develop cementitious materials using a variety of feedstocks or recycled materials, leading to a significant reduction in the greenhouse gas emissions associated with cement manufacturing. Terra’s OPUS SCM cementitious materials have demonstrated their effectiveness as a supplementary and alternative option to Portland cement.

Porsche Sugar Land
Porsche Sugar Land becomes the first low carbon placement in Texas. | Credit: Photography © indiGO Auto Group

Portland cement is responsible for 5-7% of carbon emissions, and OPUS SCM effectively reduces its use by 10-25% in most standard concrete mix designs, all while maintaining quality concrete performance.

According to Terra CO2: “For every ton of cement produced, approximately a ton of CO2 is emitted. Unlike Portland cement, which relies on carbon-intensive limestone, Terra’s technology leverages affordable, abundant, and local raw materials including silicate-based igneous rocks (such as granite and basalts), unconsolidated sediments (such as sands and gravels), and clays. These types of raw materials are not only abundant and attractive from the mineralogy perspective, but the equipment and infrastructure to extract these rocks already exists, and sites are located everywhere that concrete is needed.”

Low carbon concrete
Terra CO2 receives further validation of OPUS SCM following Porsche Sugar Land’s concrete placement. | Terra CO2

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As the fourth Porsche center in the greater Houston area, indiGO Auto Group was determined to showcase its commitment to sustainability and decarbonization.

Porsche is shaping the mobility of the future through innovative products, cutting-edge technologies, and one-of-a-kind services. A key focus lies in pioneering drive concepts that substantially reduce CO₂ emissions, with a particular emphasis on advancing electromobility.

According to Porsche, they are committed to reducing the average CO₂ emissions across its products and operational processes. This objective is integrated into the company’s strategy throughout the entire lifecycle of its vehicles. In addition to the CO₂ emissions generated during vehicle manufacturing, Porsche also accounts for emissions within its upstream vehicle supply chain and during a vehicle’s use-phase, extending to the eventual disassembly for recycling at the end of its life.

Porsche Taycan for sale
Porsche Sugar Land’s construction carried on with a strong focus on sustainability and decarbonization. | Credit: Photography © indiGO Auto Group/Hernan Ruiz

Through the use of Terra’s low carbon concrete in Porsche Sugar Land, we are proud to represent Porsche as the leader of decarbonization and sustainability in the automotive world. Most notably, “For every ton of cement replaced by Terra’s OPUS SCM, it results in 70% lower CO2 emissions and 90% lower NOx emissions than original Portland Cement without impacting mix designs, batching, delivery, and placement of concrete,” Terra CO2 notes.

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What Are The Benefits of OPUS SCM?

1 . Low carbon emissions
2. Low NOx emissions
3. Scalable technology and globally available feedstocks
4. No coal
5. Using existing infrastructure

Low carbon concrete placement
“Terra CO2 is pioneering the high-performance, low-carbon alternative for cement replacement.” | Terra CO2

Porsche Sugar Land is due to open later this year highlighting the German automaker’s new design philosophy: Destination Porsche.

Located in the heart of the city, amidst a backdrop of renowned retail hubs and cultural landmarks, Porsche Sugar Land stands as a beacon among the emerging generation of Porsche dealerships designed to serve as a focal point for the Porsche enthusiast community.

The Destination Porsche concept is set to be introduced across 850 established Porsche dealerships worldwide over the next decade, and the Sugar Land facility proudly takes the lead as Texas’ inaugural center of its kind, joining a select group of such establishments within the United States.

Destination Porsche
Destination Porsche: A new design philosophy that will be live for the Sugar Land, TX Porsche community. | Porsche

indiGO Auto Group had a focus well beyond selling and servicing cars at Porsche Sugar Land. In addition to designing a welcoming community for local Porsche enthusiasts, we wanted to emphasize the importance of sustainability.

Next to water, concrete is the second most used material in the world and is responsible for 8% of global CO2 emissions annually. Thus, indiGO Auto Group is beyond honored to represent the first placement of low carbon concrete in Texas with our Porsche Sugar Land dealer.

Cayenne for sale Houston
Stay tuned for further details about our Porsche Sugar Land grand opening. | Credit: Photography © indiGO Auto Group/Hernan Ruiz

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