Tesla Model S vs Porsche Taycan

Tesla Model S vs Porsche Taycan

EV Titans Go Head to Head

So which is better: The Tesla Model S or the Porsche Taycan?.

Is the Taycan really better than a Tesla Model S? Let’s look at the Tesla Model S vs Porsche Taycan.

That’s one of the first questions people ask when they hear about the all-electric Porsche Taycan. In fact, one dealership in Canada has been so comfortable with that question that it’s actually lending out a Taycan so people can compare it alongside the 4S.So what’s the deal? Is Tesla’s range really that much better than other comparable EVs?  And is the Taycan so fabulous in terms of design and handling that it’s worth the price? According to Greencar.com, the two mighty gladiators of EVs are going toe-to-toe and only one is coming out the winner. So which one should you buy? Greencar did what it calls a good old-fashioned “shootout” between the two luxury EVs. They focused on range, charging, acceleration, handling and interior/exterior design as well as price and value for your money.

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Here’s what they and other bloggers have found: 

Range and Charging

Porsche Taycan vs Tesla

The benchmark for charging of electric cars is thought to be 200 miles between charges. That gives you plenty of miles for getting to and from work, running errands and leisure driving. Unreliable EPA ratings aside, the auto blogs have reported the Taycan will go anywhere up to 300 miles between charges. Tesla Model S Long Range Plus mode, on the other hand, has a range of up to 391 miles. But while Tesla may win for range, both cars are getting easier and easier to charge. Porsche, for instance, has installed high-speed chargers at all of its dealerships and has partnered with Electrify America to provide over 1,700 chargers at 350 stations all across the United States.


Tesla vs Porsche

Both cars are two of the quickest on the road. When it comes to acceleration they are both faster than the fastest race cars and super cars thanks to those high-powered electric motors. Both offer amazing zero to 60 mph times. The Taycan Turbo S will take you from zero to 60mph in 2.6 seconds, though Motor Trend and others have clocked it at 2.4 seconds. The Tesla comes in at 2.3 seconds – so just a tiny difference.


Taycan vs Model S

Here’s where things get interesting. Nothing Tesla has done to improve its drive in the last few years can touch Porsche’s superior handling derived from decades of German engineering. So according to Greencar and others, the Taycan is by far the more rewarding car to drive. And on twists and turns the Taycan always feels solid despite its 5,100 pounds of weight compared to the Tesla’s 4,900 pounds. So for handling and agility Porsche takes the lead here.


Blue Porsche Taycan

When it comes to design the Taycan is a blast of fresh air borrowing a bit from another Porsche, the Panamera. The Taycan is edgier than the Tesla and features the biggest brakes – both rotors and calipers. The exterior of the 4S has been around for awhile and is starting to look a bit staid by comparison. And on the inside, the Taycan is the clear winner, according to Greencar. It’s got perfectly ergonomic leather seats and ample room for four adults, and the Turbo S also sports a gorgeous tinted glass roof and superior design throughout. From a technology perspective you’ll love having more than 41″ of digital displays and controls throughout your world-class cabin – something not true with the Tesla. And the Porsche Taycan gives you nearly two dozen leather and Race-Tex color combinations for your seat surfaces. If you prefer limited pleather seating in black, white, or tan, then the Tesla Model S might work fine. So Porsche takes this round as well.


Blue Tesla

The Taycan 4S begins at $103,800 plus delivery charges. Options such as Porsche’s InnoDrive active safety suite will cost an additional $3,600 and the performance package increases the price by $6,400 – so your total is going to be closer to $113,800 with those options. Also, there are many more available from Porsche to enhance your Taycan. The Base Tesla Model S Long Range starts at $79,990 plus delivery. But there are far fewer options to add to a Tesla compared to the Porsche. According to Greencar’s tally: Premium paint, interior and wheels will add $8,500 while the addition of Tesla’s self-driving tech is another $8,000. That brings the total to about $96,490. However, the Porsche Taycan is the more premium looking and handling car by far. And you can expect to pay a little extra for that superior design. “If price were no object, we’d all be driving the new Taycan,” Greencar concludes.

Fun fact: Dr. Ferdinand Porsche and Nikola Tesla were peers. They lived and did their research work at the same time very close to one another in Germany and Austria.

Tesla vs Porsche

And while Nikola Tesla is known for his work with semiconductors, he is the famous namesake for the popular EV known as the Tesla.  What you may not know is that Dr. Ferdinand Porsche beat Tesla to the EV market by approximately 120 years. In fact, the first Porsche ever made was the Porsche P1 EV in 1898.  What else does Porsche offer you that Tesla does not? A signature brand value of the German automaker is the care that designers take to make you feel like a god when you are behind the wheel.  Moreover you can personalize your 2021 Porsche Taycan with other incredible features like adaptive seating, massage seating, and a palette of 17 exterior colors, including favorites like Carrara White, Frozen Berry, and Miami Blue, among others. Tesla offers you only five color choices. With the Taycan, you get eight wheel options. With Tesla that number comes down to two.  While Nikola Tesla was known for his work on high-powered semiconductors, Porsche edges out the Model S when it comes to charging speed. At a rapid-charging station, the Porsche Taycan can recharge from zero to 80 percent capacity in as little as 22 minutes. The Tesla Model S takes about 30 minutes to do the same.According to some media reports Tesla promises anywhere between 400 and 500 miles of cruising range.1 However, recent third-party testing shows that real-world results are about half of that. The Porsche Taycan is estimated by the EPA to offer a conclusive and repeatable 201 miles of cruising. So when it comes down to it you’ll have to ask yourself if you’re actually getting what you’re paying for?

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