The Volkswagen ID.Buzz Revealed: Everything you Need to Know about the Super Cool Electric Microbus on the Horizon

volkswagen buzz launch

Are you considering pre-booking the new Volkswagen ID.Buzz, which is expected to hit showrooms in the coming year?

Or, are you just chomping at the bit just to get a look at one in real life before you decide?

The bad news: You will likely have to wait for the Volkswagen ID.Buzz to hit the market in early 2024. The good news: It’s filled with cool features, some of which you may not have heard about yet.

The Volkswagen ID.Buzz Revealed: Everything you Need to Know about the Super Cool Electric Microbus on the Horizon

People are already talking about its updated “microbus” design, including sharp angles and two-toned color scheme, and its relatively affordable price compared to other EVs. And of course, there’s the powerful and fully electric powertrain.

In fact, we think it might just blow your mind.

You may have heard it’s an update of the classic Volkswagen microbus and that it contains everything you love about the original.

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But here are some of the updates that make the Volkswagen ID.Buzz one for the EV history books:

Layout and design

Volkswagen ID.Buzz Interior

It’s got a simple V-shaped interior and plenty of tech. In fact, the dashboard encompasses most of the tech features via a highly intuitive infotainment screen that will respond to your every need. The sunroof and spacious interior make it great for the whole family to enjoy a summer road trip or weekend getaway to the beach. The front area of the bonnet contains the air conditioning vent and luggage compartment while the back area has space for three air vents. The three- and four-door microbus can hold as many as seven passengers. Upfront, the driver has easy access to all the tech via the dash, which contains the signature ID light tech that will illuminate with various navigation guides, an automated voice assistant, and GPS. The second-row seats can be folded to form cool tables, turning your bus’ interior into a mini living room. Among other things, this makes it perfect for overnighters, beach trips, and tailgaters.

That weird steering wheel

Volkswagen ID.Buzz Cabin

First, let’s talk about the steering wheel’s weird shape. Its oblong and curvy rectangular shape is like nothing we’ve seen before but it contains many needed controls. This makes it a great space-saving piece of technology because it reserves room on the dash so the driver feels comfortable and focused with all tasks. The spoke-free wheel, trimmed with upscale leather, is like an interactive touchpad, a touch-sensitive steering wheel that allows the driver to operate the drive-in various modes. Among other things, you can operate on-and-off signals and interact with various menu functions. The outer edge of the touchpad on the steering wheel contains a cool-looking honeycomb-like light signature.

That battery with rapid charging

Volkswagen ID.Buzz Battery Charge

The 48kWh – 111kWh battery pack sits in the middle of the chassis platform and combines with two motors at both axles. The folks at VW say it can fully charge in just a half-hour. The microbus is said to have an impressive range of about 342 miles. And the total system has an output of 275kW. There are even 230 volts available for using power tools. The ID Buzz is also equipped with solar panels on the roof for an extra charge. This guarantees that the Microbus can still run for about 10 miles if the owner has neglected to charge it. And we are told it can get from zero to 60 in a not-too-shabby 5.2 seconds and reach a top speed of 100 mph. Clearly, not your grandpa’s microbus.

Eventually it will be self-driving

Volkswagen ID.Buzz will be self-driving

The ID.Buzz will eventually come with an automated drivetrain that pulls the steering wheel into the dashboard James Bond-like after being enabled. This is all enabled by on-board sensors and cameras to ensure a safe and comfortable driving experience for you and your passengers. The coming ID BUZZ is said to be the first fully autonomous multi-purpose vehicle. A slight push on the steering wheel makes it retract and merge into the instrument panel, switching the I.D. BUZZ from manual control to the fully autonomous “I.D. Pilot” mode that could make it into production by 2025. Jan 9, 2017, according to Volkswagen. According to website: “In this mode, the wheel is decoupled from the steering gear via a newly developed steering column system. The ambient lighting then switches from white light (“Drive”) to mood lighting that is warm and relaxed. At the same time, the distribution of ambient lighting is extended to the rear seating area. Simultaneously, the status of the I.D. BUZZ can be seen at all times on the tablet and the augmented reality head-up display.”

Volkswagen User-ID

Volkswagen ID.Buzz Storage Space

The ID.Buzz even knows who will be at the wheel, thanks to the “Volkswagen User-ID.” This means you have an individual profile that stores the personal seat and air conditioning settings, your favorite music, the settings of the sound system as well as exterior sound and the navigation system configuration. Lighting is also recorded as are contacts. And best of all this exact profile can be retrieved securely via the cloud. The high-tech microbus also recognizes which person is getting into the car or wants to take the steering wheel at any given time via the authorized user’s smartphone—the Digital Key. As soon as you or that other person approach the bus, the sensor surfaces for opening the door light up. If the person’s hand is close to the surface, that individual door will be opened. According to VW: By using the Volkswagen User-ID and a relevant smartphone app, passengers can also control infotainment functions and input destinations into the navigation system as needed. The route will then be shown on a tablet.


Volkswagen ID.Buzz is Affordable

EVs are quite expensive and huge numbers of American consumers are yet to embrace them. But VW is trying to overcome this issue by offering a competitive pricing range for their ID range: Possibly as low as $35,000 to $45,000. And you get a lot for your money. Along with everything else we’ve already mentioned you can expect the Microbus to have primary navigation and connectivity options as well as VW’s progressive car tech.
Taken together with the roomy interior, the configurable cabin, and plenty of savings on maintenance and fuel thanks to it being an EV – not to mention its beneficial impact on global warming – the new ID Buzz adds up to long-term fun and savings for you and your family.

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