The VW Golf is Iconic – And Now You Can Accessorize from Front to Back to Add to the Wow Factor.

The Volkswagen Golf has become a classic.

As a compact car with a cool look and plenty of pep, the Golf became an instant automotive icon. In fact, it’s shape that was considered revolutionary for its time.

Its creator, Giorgio Giugiaro, designed what VW calls “an incredibly angular car” that is popular to this day. Giugiaro named it “Golf”, a moniker derived from the German word for Gulf Stream.

volkswagen Giorgio Giugiaro creator

Not only is it affordable but it’s fast, responsive, and great looking.

And, best of all, the VW Golf can be tricked out with special Golf accessories that allow you to improve your Golf over time.

Volkswagen add-ons are specifically crafted for cool looks and easy installation. Best of all, we ship directly to you!

Here’s a list of some of our favorite accessories for your Golf.

Seat covers

volkswagen seat covers

Protect your Golf’s front seats with VW seat covers meant specifically for your special hatchback. Car mats, aka “automobile floor mats,” are designed to protect a vehicle’s floor from wear, dirt, and corrosion from salt and other chemicals you and your passengers might bring in. One major reason to use a mat is to keep your Golf looking clean and tidy. They work well because they can be removed for a good scrubbing and then put back in place. Seat covers are well-designed do more for your VW than you might think. Seat covers act as protectants that safeguard your seats from dirt and liquid – and they come in a variety of materials, from fabric to sheepskin. However, seat covers can also significantly improve your commuting comfort. Even better, they give your cabin that tailored custom look you love. Their materials can range from mesh to canvas to velour/jacquard – even leather and sheepskin. Our vote: Always choose genuine OEM VW seat covers for your Golf. They are designed just for your car so you get a great fit.

Headrest Covers

Headrest covers allow you to drive in style, enjoy the comfort and protect your headrest from dirt and grime, wear and tear.

Trunk Organizer

volkswagen trunk organizer

A trunk organizer for things like groceries can change your life for the better. Once you use one you might never want to be without a trunk organizer again. Not only does it make road trips and running errands easier but it will keep your groceries and other items well organized and protect them from tipping over, spilling, or rolling around.


volkswagen spoilers

They look cool and perform a function. Spoilers are intended to improve airflow above and below (and around) vehicles to reduce wind resistance, which is also called drag. They also take advantage of air to create more downforce and allow better grip at high speeds. In other words, they are designed to “spoil” airflow to reduce any negative effects. They started to be widely used in the 1960s as automakers sought to improve the aerodynamics of various racing and performance vehicles. Later on, federal fuel economy regulations pushed automakers to improve the aerodynamics of their cars in order to create higher mileage ratings. That’s because a car with less wind resistance uses less fuel at highway speeds. A well-designed and constructed rear wing will act like an upside-down aircraft wing to produce downforce instead of lift. But sticking anything poorly designed on the exterior of a vehicle is bound to disrupt the aerodynamics that were designed into it – so always choose an OEM VW spoiler for your Golf.

VW Logo Key Fob

volkswagen logo key fog

Not up for spending a fortune on expensive parts and accessories for your Golf? How about this VW logo key fob – to remind you of your beloved Golf even when you are away from it?

Roadside Assistance Kit

volkswagen kit assistance

You never know when you might need help on the highway and this roadside assistance kit from VW s just what you want when you’re road tripping in your Golf this summer.
Whether your car battery dies and leaves you stranded in the desert or if you or someone needs some bandages quickly, the kit comes with assistance items for any number of dangers. It includes: 

  • A padded carrying bag
  • Booster cables
  • Warning triangle
  • Multi-tool with pliers
  • Blades and screwdriver
  • LED flashlight
  • Emergency blanket
  • Emergency poncho
  • Whistle
  • Work gloves
  • PVC tape
  • Cable ties
  • 15 adhesive bandages
  • Extra-large bandages
  • 2 knuckle bandages

Chrome Trim

Golf lovers love to upgrade. And chrome auto trim can give your car striking definition and emphasize its sleek lines—and, with chrome trim molding, it can protect ding-prone paint even as it adds style to your ride. We think they speak for themselves but chrome is a classic and will have you driving in style and turning heads wherever you go in your Golf.


volkswagen rims

A nice set of rims can add an extra bit of bling and beauty to your Golf. Adding just the right rims can make your Golf look like a million bucks, almost like upscale jewelry for your car. Gleaming and sparkling rims will garner you a lot of attention as you cruise down the street in your Golf. Rims also play a functional role on your vehicle, though, protecting your wheel from wear and tear while helping you move about in style. The outward face is what is seen on the outside of the vehicle. Other parts, including the spokes, plate, dish, and bolt circle all help to keep the wheel attached to the car and can even provide support. At $571 each these VW alloy wheels may be pricey but they are a sure-fire way to boost your Golf’s “it” factor.

Wheel Caps

Volkswagen wheel caps

Not ready to spring for blingy rims for your Golf? You can still boost your wheel look with these VW black center caps. At only $28.76 per wheel, they look great and give your golf a nice tailored look.

View our VW Golf inventory.

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