These Vehicles Give You the Most Luxurious Back-Seat Experience Ever!


Massage Seats, Champagne Coolers, and Personal Climate Control? When it Comes to the Most Luxurious Back Seat Experience in a Car the Answer is “Of Course!”

Did you know that there is a whole class of cars where everything that matters is happening in the back seat?

In these rarified rolling worlds of luxury – usually a chauffeur-driven experience – the champagne is flowing and perfectly cooled, automatically adjustable seats are standard and everyone can kick back and relax with plenty of legroom. You’ll also find mini-fridges, massage seats, personalized climate control, heated seats, and exquisite finishes on every surface.


Most of us just drive our cars to get from one place to another. For others, their car is an opulent haven where they are hidden from the fast-paced world outside and treated to every comfort and convenience.

The latter wouldn’t dream of owning a car that lacked a refrigerator just for champagne or seats with a deep-tissue massage feature.

With that said, let’s take a look at some of the most luxurious back seats, from often chauffeur-driven cars. The cars where the back-seat is the place to be.

Rolls-Royce Ghost

The Ghost is considered one of the most luxurious vehicles in the world. And the perfectly appointed interior, including out-of-this-world massage seats, is just one of the many reasons. The Ghost’s massage seats will help to relax all four passengers if that’s what they want. According to Motor Biscuit: “The executive seat is the best-equipped massage, however, as the up/down waves that go from the top to the bottom of the occupant’s back are complemented by a shoulder-to-lumbar massage given by a separate set of air cushions.”


Other features you’ll love inside the Ghost:

-A customizable Rolls-Royce Starlight Headliner that gives you a beautiful sky of stars as you’re driving along, creating a majestic environment.
-A beautiful analog clock inside the open-pore wood.
-A champagne cooler that comes with the finest crystal glasses.
-The classic Rolls-Royce umbrella that fits into the rear seats. You can even get an umbrella specially designed for the 2021 Rolls-Royce Ghost interior!

Rolls-Royce Phantom

This one is considered by many to be the most luxurious car on the market today. Everything is trimmed to perfection and the layout will provide you with non-stop comfort and amenities. Even among luxury automobiles, the Rolls-Royce Phantom is considered the top of the heap. The cabin is exceptionally roomy, luxurious, and comfortable, filled with the finest leathers, woods, metals, and fabrics – all carefully chosen to deliver an aura of opulence and beauty. The interior is a sonic haven perfectly tuned for quiet conversation, listening to music, and simply enjoying the sound of silence. Even those pesky potholes can’t detract from this silky-smooth ride thanks to a custom pothole-spotting camera that helps the suspension adapt to road imperfections in real-time. Inside the Phantom, you are bathed in your own luxurious cocoon – giving you quiet space for a chat with a friend as you float softly through time and space.


Other things we love about the Phantom experience:

-The interior can be tailored to your tastes and adorned with a myriad of luxuries and a custom artwork dashboard.
-The rear-hinged coach doors open to allow graceful and dramatic arrivals and departures.
-Rear seat passengers are treated to an array of possible luxuries including deep-pile carpeted floor mats, power-adjustable seats with massage, and a refrigerated console.
-The highest quality tanned and stretched leather is a sumptuous backdrop for your personal imprint – with the help of some master craftspeople.
-You enjoy a celestial canopy with Phantom’s iconic Starlight Headliner made up of 1,344 individually placed fiber-optic stars that shine through tiny perforations in Phantom’s leather roof lining.

Rolls-Royce Phantom Extended Wheelbase

This version of the Phantom ups the ante in terms of spaciousness and comfort. The Phantom Extended Wheelbase model adds 8.6 extra inches to this already spacious automobile. That means even more legroom for you and your passengers. And you won’t lack luxury because you are surrounded by gold accents and the finest leathers and woods. In fact, this interior is more like a moving palace or palatial yacht on wheels.

Other features we love about the Phantom Extended Wheelbase:


-The extended limousine-like rear-seat legroom of the Phantom Extended provides a welcome relief to you and your guests after a night out.
-Meticulous attention to detail along with stunning design creates Phantom Extended’s sumptuous interior.
-The suite of Phantom Extended is a rarified sanctuary, crafted to the exacting vision of its owner – completed by the celestial canopy of iconic Rolls Royce Starlight Headliner.
-With one touch, the electrochromic glass morphs from transparent to fully opaque and creates total privacy from the front cabin while frequency-specific insulation gives you state-of-the-art levels of acoustic separation.
-Rear-hinged coach doors open to allow graceful and dramatic arrivals and departures.
-Cutting-edge technology is discreetly placed throughout the cabin to ensure nothing detracts from the sheer pleasure of driving or riding in this automobile.
-The Privacy Suite transforms the rear cabin into a haven of solitude where the conversation does not reach the front part of the cabin.

Honorable mentions:

BMW 7 Series


This vehicle may be known for looking gorgeous and turning heads – but the interior is where it’s all happening for you and your passengers. It’s covered in high-end finishes, leather, and other materials that will make you feel like you’ve fallen into the lap of luxury. And everyone in the car enjoys instant access to high-tech infotainment consoles and a touch-screen panel for interior lighting as well as personalized seat customization. The automatic and adjustable mood lights help you set the tone for the evening. Moreover, the passenger seat can fold all the way up so you can stretch your legs straight out and snooze.

Audi A8 L


The footrests are simply to die for and you also get reading lights that each come with their own dimmer. The Audi A8 L’s 35-degree reclining seats are so much like a bed that you might be tempted to get some shut-eye on longer drives. (As long as someone else is doing the driving). Each passenger gets a TV and access to a comfy middle armrest with storage and controls for the interior climate. And what would Audi’s largest sedan be without a massage feature in its seats? Massage, heating, and ventilation are, of course, available for all four seats.

Porsche Panamera


Choose the Executive Package for the Porsche Panamera and you might think you’ve landed in heaven (or an opulent spa). Not only are the built-in headrests perfect for easing neck tension but the massage option is one of the best on the market. The two rear seats are available with adjustable power and an electric backrest adjustment, cushion length adjustment, and lumbar support. You can also choose a Sport Seat design with raised side bolsters, ensuring the most comfort. If your passengers are feeling cold they can also turn on the heated seat feature and relax with the comfort headrests. Oh, and there’s plenty of legroom.

Bentley Flying Spur


The Bentley Flying Spur is built on luxury giving you the best possible high-end experience on the road. For starters the rear seat headrest pillows are uber soft and supple, not to mention supportive to the neck. If that’s not enough there’s available massage seats for every seat. You and your passengers enjoy reclining rear seats, massagers (of course!), and access to a touchscreen with climate controls and any media, games, internet access you might desire.

Rolls-Royce Cullinan


This Rolls-Royce ultra-luxury SUV shares many of the features of the Phantom. It also includes a Viewing Suite that is automatically deployed at the touch of a button. That means that two rear-facing, tastefully contemporary leather chairs, and a cocktail table emerge as if from a cloud to help you take in the views as you enjoy some champagne and caviar.

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