A Well-Executed Car Detailing Can Make Your Luxury Auto Shine

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But How Do You Know Who to Trust for Your Luxury Car Detailing?

There’s nothing like a well-executed car detailing to make your luxury car shine and dazzle like new. And there’s nothing like picking up your beloved car when it’s just been lovingly detailed: washed, polished and sanitized, buffed inside and out, wheels and other details sparkling in the sun.

By hiring a reputable car detailing company, you can practically avoid the possibility of damage to your vehicle while enhancing its appearance and its value over the long term.

And detailing doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank. In fact, basic washes and interior cleaning at a detailer can start in the $100-$200 range. And if you consider the benefit derived from a regular professional detailing, it’s well worth the cost.

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In fact, regular professional detailing can protect the value of your car and help you feel proud of your investment. Here are some questions you might want to ask any professional auto detailer before leaving your baby in its charge for a few hours.

No matter who you choose, every detail should include hand washing, waxing, polishing, vacuuming and window cleaning. You might just want the exterior done so make sure that’s a service that your detailer offers.

Some businesses also offer pet hair and odor removal and other detailed cleaning services. Whatever you choose, the idea with a good detail is to focus on restoring your car to its original external and internal condition. A professionally detailer will plenty of options for helping you do just that.

According to the Perfection Plus Biz blog you should start with these three questions:

Is the detailer IDA (International Detailing Association) certified?

Or do they have any professional training? Like any other tradesman, a  professional detailer should have formal training or have been an apprentice with an experienced detailer. Certification is just another layer of legitimacy that tells you this is a good outfit to handle your precious auto.  Here’s a link to the IDA to find out if your possible detailer is certified. Visit the IDA site.

Does the detailer use old school chemicals to clean your car?

If so what are the names of those chemicals? (Ask for a list and what they are used for). Detailing has made progress in using greener materials to clean your car in a way that is less dangerous to kids, adults and pets. But some older methods cans still employ relatively harsh chemicals. So ask a lot of questions. If a detailer says they use acid to remove water spots on the exterior you may want to pass on that detailer. This is not a good method for your luxury car’s exterior and can be quite damaging. Hydrofluoric acid  was used to remove  water spots in the early 90’s. It works, yes. But it can also break down the clear coat finish on your car and also damage glass – in ways that cannot be reversed. It can also be very bad for your health when inhaled.  There are many safer products that are used today so ask the detailer about how they address spots safely without harsh acids.

How, exactly, does the detailer clean your car’s carpets and upholstery?

According to Perfection Plus if your interior is in good shape the detailer should avoid using harsh chemicals to clean the interior back to “like new” condition. These chemicals are extremely dangerous for pets and children and are not great for you or your adult passengers. So see what alternatives they offer.  A good detailer can even wash out the tough chemicals used in a prior cleaning. Your lungs will thank you! “Steam technology revolutionized the way interiors are cleaned,” according to the site.

Other questions to consider, according to Small Biz Trends and other websites:

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How long have they been detailing professionally?

A professional detailer should have at least 5 years of experience working at a private reputable detailing shop. Also, if they are using the older and outdated techniques and products from 20 years ago, consider finding one that is up to date with chemical-free cleaning that is less harmful to the interior and exterior.

How long will the detailing take?

A sedan with minimal wear, for instance, should take less time than a full SUV with embedded stains throughout the interior. Expect it to range from 3-6 hours.

Does your detailing company carry insurance?

It’s important to make sure the auto detailer is insured before you drop off your car. This can bring you peace of mind, especially if your car is a collectible. Bad things can happen. Your car can get hit by another car or scratched during the detailing process. Even crimes can happen. So at least check out their insurance coverage before you get started

Does your company have a service guarantee?

Your auto detailer should stun and amaze you with the service they provide. And one thing more reputable car detailers do is provide you with a service agreement. Because detailers are human and may miss something you should ask in advance if they provide a service guarantee that makes sure you know you will be satisfied with their work before you bring in your auto. Some detailers even promise a money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied!

What is your dropoff/pickup protocol.

It’s important to understand a detailer’s drop off and pickup protocol before you head over. Often, you can arrange to have someone pick you up during your service or you can bring enough work to keep you occupied in the waiting room, until your service is over. They might even offer to pick you up when your car is ready if you live or work nearby (rare, but it happens).

And there’s a lengthy list of benefits to regular detailing. Among them: simple convenience; fewer penalties when returning a lease vehicle; faster sale turnaround and (our favorite) peace of mind. Everyone spills something in their vehicle, whether it’s a BMW or a Bentley. So why not let the professionals clean it up the right way?

Another option aside from a professional car detailer is to let your car dealership take care of the maintenance and any detailing work for you.  They know your car because they sold it to you and are very familiar with the model – and you know your auto is in the very best hands. This may cost a bit more but will pay endless dividends in terms of lack of surprises when it’s time to end the lease or sell. All you have to do is bring your laptop and enjoy a cup of coffee!

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