A Private Jet for the Road – Audi’s Grandsphere Concept is Straight Out of Sci Fi.

Audi grandsphere concept
Audi Grandsphere Concept: The future of mobility. | Audi

It’s been called “a private jet for the road.” With its 17.6-foot body length, the Audi grandsphere concept sedan brings high-flying luxury down to earth.

The Audi grandsphere concept sedan has the luxury and comfort of a private plane along with all the tech you’d expect of a futuristic Audi.

Take, for instance, something called “Level 4 automated driving.” In this mode, the grandsphere’s interior turns into a literal “sphere” of travel experience minus a steering wheel, pedals, or displays.  In other words, the front seats become a first-class lounge area with an abundance of space, open views, and ethereal functions of what Audi calls its “holistic digital ecosystem.”

Audi Grandsphere Concept
With the Audi Grandsphere concept, Audi is showing an interpretation of the sedan of the future. | Audi

The grandsphere concept is the second of three “sphere” concept cars introduced by the German automaker.

And Audi says you can expect the otherworldly technologies and design features within the grandsphere concept to show up in future Audi series models.

Overall, the Audi grandsphere concept illustrates the brand’s commitment to becoming a worldwide trendsetter within the automotive industry in terms of technology and new holistic mobility.

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A year ago, the electric roadster Audi “skysphere” concept debuted, proving to be the futuristic vision of an automatically driving GT that transforms into a self-driving sports car with a variable wheelbase.

Audi activesphere concept
The Audi “skysphere” concept shows that the cars of the future will become a platform for captivating experiences. | Audi

These two concept cars  together with the “urbansphere” (which will appear as the third part of the trio later in 2022) are – united in their overall concept.

And that concept is rooted in the ability to drive automatically at level 4.

Audi has announced that it is working with CARIAD, the VW Group’s global software organization, to introduce new ideas in technology in the second half of the decade.

Among other things, Level 4 is designed to change the interior space of the traditional driver-oriented cockpit. Passengers in the car’s spacious “lounge” area will enjoy a roomy experience once the steering wheel and pedals are reduced as part of Level 4.

This opens up a new level of freedom for passengers never seen before in the automotive world.

Grandsphere Concept
The Audi Grandsphere concept transforms the car into a world of experience. | Audi

That’s because the grandsphere frees the driver from the tasks of driving whenever possible and also offers everyone in the vehicle a wide range of options to use that freedom, whether relaxation, entertainment, or work.

Occupants will be able to access a large array of service options, including designing a spectacular scenic route and looking at restaurant and hotel options.

“The autonomous Audi grandsphere concept picks up its passengers with information about their current destination and independently handles parking and charging,” according to Audi. “Customized infotainment options are also available, such as seamless integration of onboard streaming from music and video providers that have been used previously.”

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Grandsphere helps to drive home Audi’s stated claim that it will “define progressive luxury of the future.”

Audi Grandsphere Concept
Grandsphere Concept: High-class for the future. | Audi

That includes the option of new luxury experiences, enabled by technology, as well as a holistic approach to greater sustainability with the eventual goal of carbon neutrality, according to Audi.

The name “sphere” demonstrates that the goal of the concept is to focus on the interior experience of the Audi. That means the car’s driving system and handling are no longer at the apex of the design specifications for this new generation of electric cars.

Instead, all eyes are on the interior, the occupants’ living and experience “sphere” as they travel.

“Their needs and desires shape the space, the architecture, and the functions,” according to Audi. “(And) the design process itself changes. At the beginning of all discussions, the focus is directed toward the interior and its design. Only after that do we design the package, exterior lines, and proportions that shape the car into a total work of art, along with the technological premises.”

Audi concept
Tomorrow, made by Audi. But who is behind the concept? Developers, designers, and engineers. | Audi

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Other special features of the Audi grandsphere concept:

  • The doors are reversed so the front and back touch; there is no B-pillar. 
  • The whole world of the interior opens up to passengers as soon as they climb in. 
  • Passengers are identified with a pathway identification – an innovative feature – that opens the doors and welcomes them with individually staged displays and ambient light. T
  • The driver and passenger positions are automatically detected and an array of personal comfort features – such as the climate control settings and the seats – are adjusted for the individual seats. 
It is part of a family of concept cars with which Audi wants to redefine the future of mobility. | Audi
  • The passengers’ most recently used infotainment services are noted and then seamlessly resumed inside the car.
  • Interior lines and functional elements are emphatically horizontal. 
  • The open, broad interior supports the impression of a unique space, and the lack of a steering wheel, pedals, or conventional dashboard creates a feeling of openness and breadth.

The Audi grandsphere concept sedan may still be in the works – but Audi offers a plethora of cars equipped with innovation and luxury. Check out our latest inventory below.

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